Gears vs. Gears

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User Info: Syphon142

9 years ago#1
Ok im a big Matal Gear fan but im new to the bords so sorry if this was allready done. But lets take a vote and see what we all think on what gear would win in and all free for all deathmatch. ALL of the gears from all the games, the originals, the ones from the Solid games even the Acid. Rea, Ray and even the new ones from 4. (B/C of them being so small were going to say their are 4 of them on one team to even the odds). Now were not looking for your Fav but the one that would win in a Deathmatch.

Im going to say Rex.

User Info: Muzzy2224

9 years ago#2
Well, Metal Gear RAY was designed to destroy other Metal Gears, so I'll go with that one.

User Info: Hassun

9 years ago#3
I'd say Arsenal Gear since it's pretty freaking huge and has an army of smaller metal Gear ray offshoots to protect it. (And probably some nukes as well.)

Of course it can't really enter a deathmatch unless it's against Metal Gear Ray since it doesn't move on land.
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