That was a close call (SPOILERS)

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User Info: Eddo_C

9 years ago#1
I was fighting Volgin to get his camo, so I had to use the tranquilizer. Well, I wasn't particularly adept in fighting him, first stage was easy but I get own at the 2nd phase but thats irrelevant.

In short, I got him when the countdown was 1. My final CQC on him was with 5 seconds to go. Was quite a thrill. It was on hard difficulty by the way. Just had to share that.
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User Info: MetallicaDemon

9 years ago#2
Congratulations. (Not being a **** or anything, seriously, congratulations!)
Metal Gear Solid Fanatic

User Info: NinjaFerret

9 years ago#3
Was quite a thrill.

Of course, didn't you listen to the intro?
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User Info: DemonReacher

9 years ago#4
wow that would have been a relief. You know a quick way to kill him is shoot him with th MK from behind, and tactical reload it. As soon as you equip it again you can fire again, so you can fire really fast with that gun. I know its useless now, but it should be helpfull in duel mode
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  3. That was a close call (SPOILERS)

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