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User Info: magusxiii

9 years ago#1
is this game composed of 2 cd(s)???nd wats the difference between this nd the snake eater??


User Info: Norman_D

9 years ago#2
Yes. Subsistence includes 2 discs. There are 3 if you plan on buying the Limited edition, but the third is just a compilation of all the game movies (+ a couple of gameplay ones) made into 3 hour long movie.
The differences are:
1. New camera mode. You've probably already heard about it.
2. Downloadable camoflauges. They're quite nice, but mostly a waste of time.
3. New Snake VS. Monkey levels.
4. "Dual Mode", simply a boss time challenge.
5. "Secret Theater" - spoof videos. Some of them are quite funny.
6. If you are talking about the NTSC version of Snake Eater, there's also the "European Extreme" difficulty.

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