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User Info: flintstoner

5 years ago#1
has any one played through both these and what are your thoughts. I tried a few times but couldnt get into them.

User Info: fiestapais

5 years ago#2

I think I'm too into current videogames and the high quality graphics to really get into such an old game. I did however read summaries of the plot just so I could undertand the overall MG saga better. Having played only MGS3 it was weird and kind of sad to learn that Naked Snake turned out to be a bad guy...

User Info: flintstoner

5 years ago#3
ya me too. im used to the older arcade games but many cant wait to get these with the hd set according to hd posts. maybe its the top down 2d i cant get into anymore. mgs3 subs. any day of the week.

User Info: pure mind games

pure mind games
5 years ago#4
I've played them, I really enjoyed them, but then I grew up with these types of graphics so they don't bother me at all.
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User Info: alexg1989

5 years ago#5
Neither the graphics nor archaic gameplay were really a problem for me. I played and enjoyed Metal Gear 1.. and I'm playing through Metal Gear 2 which is ten times better than 1...

I really wish to see remakes of both of these... especially MG 1...

User Info: Artboytate

5 years ago#6

I've played them and I am happy i did. first time i played i was completely lost. it gave me a headache and i stopped playing it for a while. but then i accquired a map from the web and it helped alot and i had alot of fun.

i too hope to see a remake, even though after playing through the first two games MGS feels like a remake & a Sequel rolled into one game. lol

User Info: Hassun

5 years ago#7
Yeah MGS kind of removed the need for a remake of the Metal Gear games.
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User Info: Awesomebrand

5 years ago#8
First time I played them, the fan-translated versions, before MGS3 Subsistence was released, I was lost as balls and needed a guide for the game. Now all I need help with is the codec numbers when they change as part of the story but the game expects you to look at the case/use the manual to decipher the code rather than just tell you. Something I hope is fixed somehow in the HD collection.
Sure I could just go online, but there's something about breaking the 4th wall and grabbing my handy game case to progress in the game. Hell, I still go to grab my copy of MGS1 to find Meryl's Codec number despite remembering that it's 140.15

User Info: Sketcz

5 years ago#9
Played them, clocked them, loved them. And this was back in the day (MG1 was released in the UK for the MSX). Well, the second I played a fan translation, but I've replayed both several times.

I don't understand how anyone could have trouble with them. They're pretty straightforward for games from 1990 and that era. MG2 especially is quite slick and streamlined.

I prefer MG2 to MG1, Ghost Babel, MGS2, and MGS4 (which I found confusing and dull). MGS and MGS3 are still top though.

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