The best video runs?

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User Info: flamingbananas

6 years ago#1
Hello MGS fans!
I havent played MGS games in the longest time and I am dying to get back into it. I wanted to watch some good videos of people runs before I start again. Could you guys tell me where I can find some of the best runs for MGS games and who made them? I mainly want them for TTS, 2 substance, and 3 subsistance. Is there some kind of place where there is a great collection of peoples playthroughs. I dont care it if they are speedruns or Big boss/boss/foxhound runs. Thank you all very much

User Info: flamingbananas

6 years ago#2
Sorry for double post but I would also be interested in MGS 4 aswell.

User Info: Calintares

6 years ago#3 is the general hub for speedruns, and they tend to go for the best ranking in this series
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