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User Info: MiraiLink

5 years ago#11
Tmac2035 posted...
From: MiraiLink | #006
I'm trying to sell my L.E., also with preorder dvd for $130. Is that a good price? It's been opened once and still in perfect condition.
Since you're including the bonus DVD and the game has been opened, I would say that's fairly reasonable for such a rare title. You may however, need to come down just slightly -- but ultimately it's just a question of who wants it bad enough and who has the money. I wouldn't take less than $200 for my sealed copy. Maybe that's too high, but I figure somewhere someone out there wants the game bad enough.

Alright thanks. I think I'll lower the price to $100 and see if it gets any bite.
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User Info: Fat_Dog_Mendoza

5 years ago#12
TOG218 posted...
Are keeping this after the hd collection comes out?

I am, STRICTLY for Snake vs. Monkey

I'm keeping it for both Snake v Monkey and that theater thing. Also Snake's Nightmare. HD Collection is nice, but there are several bonuses cut sadly.

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