HD Collection was worth it.

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  3. HD Collection was worth it.

User Info: Rango

4 years ago#1
I've been playing this on my PS3 and I beat it. Still a nice game, but I feel there was a slight emulation issue on the PS3 when trying to play it, such as some visual slowdown issues and whatnot.

HD Collection breathes new life into this game. It keeps the Subsistence camera and the MSX titles, but also gives you some updated, jaw-dropping HD effects that look simply gorgeous. The textures are still nice, and easier to appreciate, and the fonts are bigger and easier to read. But when this game went 60 FPS, I simply fell in love with it.

I'm really glad with what Konami did for this game.

User Info: extremity21

4 years ago#2
What HD effects?? It got upscaled, but I didn't notice anything new...

That sajd it's nice what details now stand out...like seeing Snake waaaay back on the mountain ridge during the dead Granin sequence. Didn't really notice his being there until HD. Also like hiw much easier it is to spot birds in the grass.
PSN/XBLA: izzy_izumi

User Info: settingspage

4 years ago#3
brb buying it
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  2. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
  3. HD Collection was worth it.

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