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User Info: Dracowrath

3 years ago#1
I got this game for christmas, finally completing my set of the main MGS games (not counting 5, I'm not buying a PS4 yet or an XBONE). There are a few things that I want to know. First of all, during the fight with Volgin in the hangar, is it possible to kill Ocelot? There's a third HP bar for Ocelot, complete with the number of shots in his revolers. Can you choose to fight him instead?

Also, in the run I'm doing right now, I decided to mess around in the base right before going in with the C3. I blew up a few cans of fuel, and at first thought it was just good mindless fun. But then, when the chase with the Shagohod began, I noticed a chunk of its health bar was missing. A chunk that stayed missing throughout the chase and fight. Does this mean blowing up tanks of fuel around Groznyj Grad would weaken it more? When Volgin turns on the rocket boosters, I found if you shoot the front with the RPG-7 it takes off a sliver of health. If you can weaken the Shagohod by destroying those canisters, can you weaken it enough to kill it before the bridge?

One other thing. How exactly do you sneak up on The End anyway? Every time I ever get close, he immediately gets up, throws a flash grenade, and hauls ass before I can hold him up. I'm guessing you have to make use of both the stealth camoflage and the Spirit uniform.

User Info: Snake

3 years ago#2
You can't fight Ocelot. He will help you out if you're not doing well against Volgin.

Not sure about Shagohad. That's a pretty cool easter egg if that's the case but I doubt you can completely destroy it before the bridge.

If you know the area and where exactly The End is you can sneak up on him from behind if you make sure he doesn't hear, see or feel your presence. You don't need any particular camo just ensure you're silent and right behind him. It's easier when he dozes off every now and then.
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User Info: LOLZuMadBro

3 years ago#3
Thermal goggles are your friend when trying to sneak up on the End. Look out for his footsteps and then carefully get behind him.
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