Fight with Blaze

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User Info: K_J_Khaos

7 years ago#1
I was just watching my brother play this and I was wondering if this was the only part of the game where the controls had issues. He was trying to throw the coffins at Blaze and about half the time anything he threw would go off in the opposite direction and sometimes it would even pick them up instead. This was the only part that I saw him have problems using the controls and I was watching him move one direction with the wiimote and the object in game go the other.

User Info: Ryouh

7 years ago#2
When trying to throw something it's always better to aim with the cursor and hit the B button so it's tossed at your target.

When you're just swinging the wiimote, sometimes it will "auto-lock" onto the closest target, other times it'll just fly into any direction, it depends on the sensitivity of your wiimote and sensor.

As for the Blaze fight, don't throw the coffins at him, wait until he creates a ball of fire above his head then steal that from him and toss it at him. If you try to kill him with the coffins the fight'll take a LONG time.

User Info: hardy_83

7 years ago#3
I can never get a coffin off, he blows them up before I can even throw them.

User Info: Blackest_Knight

7 years ago#4
That's why you toss the half-wit into a wall. He can't do much while he's disoriented.
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User Info: Oddplume

7 years ago#5
I tossed him into a tree. I lol'd for a good half minute. Anyway, yeah just steal his fireballs and use them against him. Throwing coffins at him gets difficult and if you hold them up for too long he just destroys them.

If your Focus stat is high enough (2 or 3) this is a piece of cake.
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User Info: AnimeRPGFan

7 years ago#6
The only particularly difficult part of the fight is keeping the camera on him so that he can't run around and cause trouble.

I tried rolling around a snowman's head till it got huge and threw it at him, but nothing remarkable happened. :(
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User Info: absoldragon

7 years ago#7
I tried rolling around a snowman's head till it got huge and threw it at him, but nothing remarkable happened. :(

LOL!!! That's hilarious! I wish he'd have gotten stuck in the snowball or something though...

But seriously, that's funny!
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