Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Newbies FAQ *READ FIRST* V2

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User Info: dudaho10

8 years ago#71
excellent job

User Info: 38andahalf

8 years ago#72

Trivium, BFMV, Tool and Sunk Loto = Epic (There's a cookie for you if you know the 4th band)
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User Info: yaydawg3000

8 years ago#73
I like this game.
we'll show that creep the real super power of teamwork!!!-sonic

User Info: zero4499

8 years ago#74
*bump* pie!!!!!!! i found this freakish glitch where u walk on air. due to the dsis smallish and oh, never mind i forgot about the shift key...... yes i use a dsi. anyway this glitch can be found at when u get the spider ball. when u go out and hook yourself on the rail, fully charge the boost ball and then, when falling,quickly turn into`ll be standing on air. turn back into a ball to cansel the glitch
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User Info: perryfist07

8 years ago#75
How did you feel when you defeated dark samas at the end of the game?

User Info: jakjay1995

8 years ago#76
a feeling of fullness and inner happiness that i hadn't felt in a long time.

and then it turned out she wasn't the last boss
prepare for randomness

User Info: icedpotato

8 years ago#77

User Info: Lizard_Valis

7 years ago#78
Gah I feel so dumb. Flicking the wii-mote up in ball mode will cause your character to jump. Arrggg, why by The God did I not think of that before?
Say: There is no God but ALLAH and Muhammad is rasul ALLAH and enter Islam. Insya ALLAH you shall be save in the world and in the here after.

User Info: dratsab

7 years ago#79
Be an organ donor, give your heard to Jesus

User Info: MrBlinx

7 years ago#80
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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