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User Info: feedmeacid

5 years ago#1
- Lack of the traditional spaced out ambient-trance soundtrack like every other Metroid game... the songs sound more like big productions instead. One of the greatest features in the entire Metroid series is the dark, mysterious, acid-ish music.

- Every boss requires 3-5 steps of "taking armor down" before you can actually hurt the enemy, only for a few seconds, just to repeat the 3-5 steps over and over again. It wouldnt be a big deal if this occured every once in a while, but nearly every boss does this except for Ridley at the very beginning of the game.

- The ridiculous over-usage of the grapple beam on enemies and bosses. Hey Nintendo, just because its for the Wii, doesnt mean you have to include every possible control mechanic you can think of, and then over use it.

- Long gone is the ALONE feeling you got in Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, Fusion, Prime 1 and Prime 2 and YES, even Other M (you are pretty much alone 90 percent of that game). Now we have the entire Federation and other "hunters" on the scene. "Hey Samus, you go take care of Reactor A, while I get to Reactor B." What?? Are you kidding me? Since when does Samus need help? Never did before. Another great Metroid feature that got thrown out, the "im the only living human in the entire galaxy and its up to me to save all the cosmos from collapsing into itself..." yeah, its gone.

- Why is it that nearly every room you enter requires a 10 step puzzle to solve before advancing? Scan this, go up here, shoot this, go back down, bomb this, find a slot to morph into, go back up, shoot another thing, go back down, hit the switch, then back up to the other switch that is now finally activated, just to go back down and do something again, then I can finally move into the next room and do the same thing again. I love puzzles in adventure games...but not every single room you enter.

- Goodbye exploration. I thought the purpose of having the "hint system" in your helmet was to use it if you were stuck. Why is it even in this game? A federation officer automatically contacts you and tells you exactly what to do and exactly where to go every time you complete a significant step in the game, even if the hint system is TURNED OFF!!! THEY STILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!!!. They freakin spell it out for you. Metroid has NEVER done that. Metroid is one of very few games (castlevania is another that comes to mind) where you have to figure everything out for yourself. Screw magazines, hot lines and the internet, you figure out what to do on your own or you dont figure it out at all. But thats gone, because Nintendo needed to cater to all the new-school casual gamers that dont know any better. God forbid a video game actually makes you think these days......

- What a great story too. Not.

My favorites in order: Prime 1, Super, Prime 2, Other M, Original, Fusion, 2(gameboy), Prime 3. (i havent played hunters)
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User Info: Aegis_Runestone

5 years ago#2
If you don't like Corruption, you might hate Hunters. I got Hunters recently, and Corruption is definitely a better game, but I've been having more fun with Hunters.

The advantage of Hunters Adventure Mode (single player) over Corruption, however, is that you're not told what planet to go to. You've got to explore and figure out what to do next.

The disadvantage is that Adventure Mode is very repetitive in what you do.
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User Info: stillnotelf

5 years ago#3
Hunters is the only Metroid game I've never finished - I found it too boring to bother finishing.

Other M and Prime 3 are tied for least-liked after that. Other M's problem is that it betrays much of what makes Metroid great, and 3 suffers from the godawful pointer-aiming controls.
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User Info: Drumguy

5 years ago#4
Opinion noted. *goes back to enjoying MP3*
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User Info: crazyisgood

5 years ago#5
favorite Metroid Prime
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