What really annoys me.

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User Info: randomoddguy

4 years ago#1
I'm one of those guys who for some reason is obsessed with scanning everything in every game where it lets you, and so, upon playing through a new game on a new file, in medium difficulty, managed to scan everything except ONE enemy (I was going to (and am currently) play through on hypermode next anyway, so I can get it now as it is, but still), guess which one? It's the same thing I missed in metroid prime 1 on one of my more recent playthroughs (had to play through the whole thing again just to see the perfect ending), the LIMITED TIME SCAN SHRIEKBAT, seriously, its hard enough scanning something that flies through the air at high speeds to KAMIKAZE ATTACK YOU, but the pirate homeworld shriekbat (not gonna try to spell that from memory) ONLY APPEARS TWICE....IN TOTAL...SO I MISSED THAT, now, if it had respawned, I would have got it, and if I had known it only appeared twice at the time, I would have been sure to get it, but, I didn't and then I missed my chance (just like with the ICE SHRIEKBATS in metroid prime 1) I mean, to make something that kills ITSSELF rather QUICKLY to only have 2 opportunities in total to scan it is just MEAN, I mean COME ON NINTENDO (if not for new game plus and the fact that I was going to play it on hypermode next anyway I would have flipped out, this is just mean ranting, by the way) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!? (no seriously, got EVERY other logbook entry, including: lore, all other enemies, AND research). Anyone else have this problem?
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User Info: thoul

4 years ago#2
Yeah, I have to agree. From what I remember, I didn't even know about these things until I was well past that point in the first game. Making something like that so completely missable is not good game design. Putting it in just one place? Fine. Kamikaze attack? Fine. But make it respawn at some point! Not everyone wants to play the game with a guide book holding their hand every step of the way. The only way to get these things was to know about them in advance, which sort of ruins the point of playing the game.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#3
Ice Shrekbat won't attack if you're not within the range. I got it each time I went through MPT.
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