Question about the items.

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User Info: GameKing59

4 years ago#1
I intend to start playing Metroid Prime 3 Corruption in the future, and I have a question regarding the findable items. I notice there seem to be a lot of different things to find in the game, and I have a question.

Do you need to find all the weapons, or are there some that aren't required by the story (ie, you don't need to beat a mandatory boss to get them), or, like the last two Metroid Prime games, are the expansions the only optional items that you can acquire?

User Info: Maetch

4 years ago#2
Most Missile Tanks and Energy Tank are optional and are just there as rewards for exploring. Everything else is mandatory.

Generally, the plot progresses based on which major item you need to obtain next, and you'll usually be told or hinted as to where to go to get it.

User Info: Solid Link

Solid Link
4 years ago#3
Technically, GameKing, there's plenty of items you can skip in Prime and even a few you can skip in Prime 2. But being story-driven, Prime 3 doesn't allow you any possibility of skipping items; obtaining new items is often the catalyst for a new storyline event to occur.
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