*SPOILER* Question about the ending.

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  3. *SPOILER* Question about the ending.

User Info: DizavidHZ

3 years ago#1
I beat this game back when it came out, and was filled with giddy fanboy delight after the final boss, thinking, "This was sort of an origin story for Mother brain!

A friend of mine disputed this, mentioning how in Metroid Prime 1, a scanned message from the space pirates discusses the aftermath of the destruction of mother brain.

However, I now see that apparently I was right, since the agreed upon timeline puts Metroid Prime(s) before Super Metroid. My question is this: Was that just something the threw in there to establish a time line (making it sound post Super Metroid) and redacted it later when it was more awesome to show the creation of mother brain? Also, since Metroid 1/Zero Mission came before Prime, is there any official story/information as to how Mother Brain was alive for that, faked her (its?) death, and then gets recreated by Aurora?
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User Info: Drumguy

3 years ago#2
The Prime games are in a timeline all their own. I don't remember any specific Space Pirate message concerning Mother Brain.

Aurora's recreation of the Mother Brain (the events in Other M) is the direct sequel to Super Metroid.
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  3. *SPOILER* Question about the ending.

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