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User Info: Michele68

3 years ago#1
So I'm just about to finish the planet where you fight Ghor (The 2nd planet) and I want to know how many upgrades I'm supposed to have before I start the next planet. Specifically
1.Energy Tanks/Life
2.Missile Expansions
3.Energy Cells
I think Energy Cells are needed to get to the area between Norene and the planet where u fight Ghor
P.S I do plan on getting all Energy Tanks, Cells and Missile Expansions so I will be back here.
P.S.S The item walkthrough is hard for me to fallow I'm not that good understanding something unless I know I missed something and yes I did download the map data for Breyo, the planet where u fight Ghor and Norene (The planet where u fight Meta Ridley)
Nintendo Network ID:Zack1997 3DS FC:0301-9783-2635 Playing:Mario Golf WT, DKC:TF and Metroid Prime 3
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