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User Info: parrothead1983

7 years ago#1
So what do Captain Falcon and these other characters below have in common?

* Mach Rider
* Kamen Rider 1st and its successors
* FotNS Kenshiro and FotBS Kenshiro
* Billy and Jimmy Lee (Double Dragon series)
* Segata Sanshiro (Sega Saturn mascot)
* Bruce Lee
* Max Rockatansky (Mad Max series)
* Kim Dragon (World Heroes series)

Captain Falcon is most likely the new Mach Rider, while both characters looks (especially Mach Rider) and parts of their plots were influenced by Max Rockatansky and the Mad Max series, which Max is also a road warrior. Captain Falcon and Mach Rider were also influenced by the Kamen Rider series. Falcon wears a scarf, cape or whatever is hanging around its neck, and so do some Kamen Riders. Falcon also has some moves that sound similar to the move sets of the Kamen Riders (e.g. Falcon Punch is to Rider Punch, and Falcon Kick is to Rider Kick). Their last names, Falcon and Rider, were also used as the first names of their moves. Mach Rider's name and motorcycle are similar to the names and motorcycles of several Kamen Riders.

A lot of people (especially Americans) love to think that Captain Falcon has enough power to destroy a part of a galaxy with one Falcon Punch. That reminds me of the Kenshiros from Fist of the North Star and Fist of the Blue Sky, which they are also "badass" men who were influenced by Max Rockatansky and the Mad Max series. Takeshi Hongo (real name of the earliest Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider 1), was played by Hiroshi Fujioka, who also played another "badass" character, Segata Sanshiro. If you ever remember seeing Segata throwing one of his opponents and blowing them up in the Saturn Bomberman commercial, then that was influenced by the tokusatsu explosions seen in the Kamen Rider series, as well as other tokusatsu shows and franchises. But like the Falcon Punch, which many people consider it to be "badass" enough to destroy a massive amount of matter, many people look at Segata's exploding judo throw the same way.

The Kenshiros were not only influenced by Max and his series, but they were also influenced by Bruce Lee, who beat Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon. The Kenshiros weren't the only ones influenced by Max and Bruce, but Billy and Jimmy Lee from the Double Dragon series were also influenced by them. Although many people posting comments below the Double Dragon Stupidity video by theswitcher said Billy Lee looks like a rip-off of Kenshiro, the Double Dragon creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto, said on his website that the Lee Brothers were mostly influenced by Bruce Lee, but didn't mention anything about the Mad Max series:


However, before Yoshihisa Kishimoto moved to the company founded by former Data East staff, Technos Japan, he worked for Data East on creating two laser-disc games: Road Blaster (a.k.a. Road Avenger) and Thunder Storm (a.k.a. the 1984 Cobra Command). Road Blaster was influenced by the Mad Max series, and its red car called the LX-5, similar to the Pursuit Special from the Mad Mad series, can be seen in the garage at the beginning of the first Double Dragon arcade, as well as some of its ports. I'm very sure that this is what made the Lee Brothers resemble Max Rockatansky.

Kim Dragon from ADK's World Heroes series, who's based on Bruce Lee, also has a couple of rapid-punching moves similar to the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken move used by both Kenshiros, except it doesn't make Kim Dragon's opponents explode after it. If you ever wonder why one of Kim Dragon's stages has a South Korean flag instead of a China or Hong Kong flag, then that's because he was named after Kim Kap-hwan, the founder and president of SNK's Korean distributor, Viccom, notable for developing two fighting games: Fight Fever and The Eye of Typhoon.

User Info: MarioLinkGenofa

7 years ago#2
Lack of Bang Shishigami on that list makes me want to devour your soul
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User Info: Zalibidas

7 years ago#3

User Info: parrothead1983

7 years ago#4

Captain Falcon is a cross between Max Rockatansky + Kamen Rider 1 + a hint of Kenshiro.

Mach Rider is the spiritual predecessor of Captain Falcon, but without a hint of Kenshiro.

Kamen Rider 1st and its successors inspired Captain Falcon, and was played by the same actor of Segata Sanshiro.

Bruce Lee + Max Rockatansky = Kenshiro and the Lee Brothers (Double Dragon series)

Bruce Lee + a hint of Kenshiro + the first name of Kim Kap-hwan (founder and president of SNK's Korean publisher, Viccom) = Kim Dragon (World Heroes series)

User Info: lilman1106

7 years ago#5
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User Info: SquidlydorfDill

7 years ago#6
Would you rather do Matt Damon, or Matt Damon?2 say Matt Damon.
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User Info: catcool246

7 years ago#7
The Kenshiros were not only influenced by Max and his series, but they were also influenced by Bruce Lee, who beat Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon


User Info: MDS2005

7 years ago#8
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User Info: sunfalcon9

7 years ago#9
Lazy non-readers
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User Info: parrothead1983

7 years ago#10
Thank you, sunfalcon9.
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