Some tips for fixing your online problems!

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User Info: Kanemura

9 years ago#1
These tips should help you connect to more people more often, and match you to people with better performance. This should make lag less existant and reduce the amount of time you have to wait to find matches.

A.) Make sure your Wii is getting at least 3 bars from your router. If not, it is too far away, and your connection will suffer noticably. You can gain more bars by readjusting your router's antennae, moving the router/console closer together. Alternatively, connect through the wired connection add-on through your router or directly to your modem.

B.) Make sure your Wii has been port-forwarded or set to DMZ. Your Wii is automatically set to NAT3, meaning you are being blocked from connecting to most other people. Make sure you are set to NAT 1 or 2. This will greatly improve who you are able to connect to.

C.) Make sure that if you are on a wireless network, that too many people aren't using your hotspot. Leechers or even family members connecting on the same spot can greatly decrease connection speed...ESPECIALLY if they are downloading/uploading large amounts.

D.) Change the channel on your router. Sometimes devices on the same frequency can interfere with your signal, which means a degraded quality in speed.

E.) make sure your router has the newest firmware. You can do this by logging into your router.

Below is a walkthrough for creating a static IP address fo your Wii, and forwarding the ports (this sets your Wii to NAT 2, which is ideal).


Open your PC's web browser and enter (linksys) ~OR~ (belkin) in the address bar. Enter your name/pass for your router. Default is usually blank or admin/admin (this varies by brand). You will now see your router's config page! Linksys, go to advanced, then forwarding. Belkin, go to firewall, then virtual servers.

In the boxes, open the following ports:

Allow traffic to all destinations on ports: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443

Allow all traffic to all destinations. (Necessary for peer-to-peer connections and game play).

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User Info: Kanemura

9 years ago#2
Now, you need to create a static IP.


Access your router's settings and find the available range of IP addresses. (This is typically found within the DHCP information.)

When you find this information, select one of the available IP addresses and enter this, along with the Subnet and Gateway addresses, through the manual settings on the Wii (how to).

If you can't find the range of IP Addresses in the router settings, you can usually view them through your computer's IP configuration settings (see "View Your IP Configuration Settings" section below). Add "10" to the number in the last slot and enter the IP address in the manual settings of the Wii.

You will then need to enter the DNS server information of your computer into the Wii as well. To do this you will need to determine your IP configuration settings (see "View Your IP Configuration Settings" section below). This will give you the basic information for all network devices installed on the PC. Included in this will be the DNS Servers information you will need to enter through the manual settings on the Wii. If only a primary DNS is listed, use that number in both the primary and secondary slots of the Wii's system settings.
Restart the Wii.

To View Your IP Configuration Settings:

Click the "Start" button in the lower left-hand corner of your computer.
Click "Run."
Type "cmd" into the box and press Enter.
Type "IPCONFIG/ALL" and press Enter.


Your Wii is now set to NAT 2!

The following are my sources:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the original thread on GameFAQs.

Good luck, and see you all online!
[XBL - Kanemura] [PSN - Kanemura]

User Info: cjlink

9 years ago#3
thankyou kind sir!
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User Info: Kanemura

9 years ago#4
If this thread helps you, please vote for a sticky. This alone will fix many people's problems. In the previous thread, people were reporting good results.
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User Info: Robot2600

9 years ago#5
I don't really get the Nat 2 and Nat 3 thing... could you explain it a bit more? Is it a setting in the Wii?
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User Info: Kanemura

9 years ago#6
NAT 3 is the Wii's default configuration. This is more to do with your router than with your Wii. Therefore you can not actually see a NAT setting on the Wii. The PS3, however, tells you what your NAT setting is.

NAT 2 is what your system will be set to after following the above tips.

The difference is NAT 3 is super protected mode. Your Wii will not be able to connect to as many fact jut a small fraction of what you should be able to. This is because your router has a built in firewall. Once you tell your router the Wii is ok (by following the above steps), it "opens the floodgates" so to speak, letting you connect to way more people and much faster.

The downside is that people still set to NAT 3 may not be able to connect to you until they fix their settings as well.
[XBL - Kanemura] [PSN - Kanemura]

User Info: Sylus2015

9 years ago#7
Stickify this for Justice.
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User Info: Robot2600

9 years ago#8
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User Info: Kanemura

9 years ago#9

For those using the USB Wi-Fi Adapter, there are different things you may do to optimize your connection. For that fix, please visit the page below and look for the section of the article dealing with the USB Wi-Fi Adapter.
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User Info: deathbomber

9 years ago#10
wait how do i do the NAT 1 2 or whatever thing? thank you.
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