How do I unlock Tabuu? I want to play as him.

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  3. How do I unlock Tabuu? I want to play as him.

User Info: electro57

9 years ago#21
1. Paint your body in a high fluorescent blue.

2. Tape a pair of butterfly wings made out of construction paper behind your back.

3. Drink alot of Red Bull.

4. Go outside and start running down the middle of the street while throwing popsicles at your neighbors.

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User Info: yugiohfan99

9 years ago#22
To really unlock Taboo, beat Subspace Emissary on Intense without using any attack moves.


User Info: Openfire1

9 years ago#23

People will say that you "win" just for providing information now?
Please do not read this sentence.

User Info: sephten

9 years ago#24

LMFAO this is the funniest toppic

User Info: AvidGamer360

9 years ago#25
This is what worked for me. I just put my game disk in the microwave for 35 seconds. Due to differences in microwaves, it may take you more or less time - but keep trying until you get it!

User Info: Hotshot193

9 years ago#26
K I'll tell you the real way.

1. Unlock SOnic and Snake
2. Beat 5 characters in Cruel Brawl with Both of them.
3. Next beat Classic mode 10 times without taking any damage on intense, until you reach Master Hand.
4.Play Subspace Emmisary and beat Tabuu 100 times on intense
5.After that, play Multiplayer, and switch everyone's colors 73 times.
6. Then use Cpt. Falcon over 1000 times.
7. After that you'll unlock the "Hard Core" difficulty, then play it on classic 20 times, with out dieing.
8.Then you'll unlock new Alt. Costumes for EVERY character.
9.Go back to multiplayer and switch colors for costumes 100 times each costume.
10. Go back to SSE, and beat Tabuu.
11. He'll chalegne you, after you beat him, and you'll be able to unlock him from there.

User Info: ACFreaks

9 years ago#27
The third way is to play SSE using a DDR pad. When you get to Taboo, the final match is a danceoff. Lose, and he'll determine that you stink so bad at dancing he'll join your team to make fun of you every freakin second.
Olimar + SSBB = TOTAL WIN!

User Info: ZenKen6

9 years ago#28
To unlock him, you must beat Classic with all 38 characters and then you must beat Adventure Mode (not SSE) with Captain Falcon and Pichu teamed up. After you beat Eggman in Adventure, you must get an EyeToy into the USB slot in the next 5 seconds. After that, you must do a Falcon Kick and SHOW THE GAME YOUR MOVES. After that, you can fight Tabuu, but you must use Pichu with your eyes closed. If you don't, the EyeToy will catch you and kill your Wii.
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  3. How do I unlock Tabuu? I want to play as him.

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