Sora(Kingdom Hearts) Moveset.

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User Info: googleyahoo123

9 years ago#1
Well, here's another moveset on a Kingdom Hearts character. Again, this is made purely for fun, and by no means should this be taken that it means Sora is in Brawl. Or even close.
(You can view my detailed Riku moveset, just search Riku and look for my name.)

Notes: I tried to make most of his attacks based on Kingdom Hearts. This is also extremely detailed, so expect text. Again, sorry in advance for any disappointments.

Name: Sora
Standard Costume: Kingdom Hearts 2 Outfit
Alternate Costume: Kingdom Hearts 1 Outfit, Tron 2.0 Suit, Halloween Town Costume. (excuse the crappy picture, its the best on a short notice.)

Taunt: The ground around Sora lights up in the shape of a crown, and he shoots a beam into the air with his keyblade.

Fighting Style: Sora is what you would call Balanced, but with a twist. His moves are smooth, and extremely easy to transact from another, almost mix and matchable. He moves a about the same speed as mario, but he attacks swifter. He fast falls if hit critically, and he is hard to KO via air. Also, he plays very roulette-ly. You'll see what I mean.

Jump: Sora lunges into the air
Second Jump: Sora spins in place swiftly, hovering vertically, but more horizontally.

A> Quick Vertical-overhead swing with the Keyblade
AA> A Spinning, horizontal slash.
AAA> Sora jumps back a tiny distance, spins his keyblade quickly, and charges straight through, sword first.
Running A> Sora does a Dash in(Sheik Style) With his Keyblade.

Tilt A> Lunging Punch
Tilt Up> He stabs straight up
Tilt Down> A Drop-kick type slash with the keyblade

Smash Forward>Ars Arcanum- A 7 Hit combo with the keyblade, the first 6 are extremely weak, doing 1% and no knockback, the last hit does the meat of the damage.
Smash Up>Magnega-A Large sphere emerges above Sora. Similar effect to Mewtwo's Up Smash in Melee. Absorbs in items.
Smash Down> Explosion- Sora holds his sword out, and points at the ground with the hilt of the sword, 3 rotating energy spheres will spin around Sora.

B>Magic- Sora sticks out his keyblade, and charges energy, ready to fire a spell. Each has 3 levels, you can identify them by size. Level 1s are the fastest, but weakest. Level 2 is moderate speed and moderate power. Level 3 is the Slowest, but it heat-seeks. Three shots can be fired consecutively.

*Fire: This causes +3% more damage than Blizzards, and causes a burn effect.
*Blizzard: This causes -3% less damage than Fire, but it freezes.
*Thunder: (20% chance of occuring) If the tip glows yellow, you are able to use thunder. This attacks does +5% more than Fire, and it auto-targets and strikes fast from the sky.
*Gravity: (10% Chance of occuring) The tip glows Purple, and when used it auto-targets the nearest opponent. A purple energy sphere engulfs him/her, and their running speed and jumping speed is cut in half for a set amount of time. Same damage as Fire.

Table of Occurance:

Fire: 40%
Blizzard: 30%
Thunder: 20%
Gravity: 10%

Up B> Aeroga- Sora spins in place, and points his sword upward. During this time, the player selects a direction with the analog stick. Sora casts Aeroga, and teleports a distance. If he is hit during this attack, projectiles are reflected, and physical attacks will be reflected and do 1/4 the damage. Sora is still vunerable to physical attacks and knockback.

Down B> Donald Flare or Goofy Tornado(15 second delay per use)
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User Info: googleyahoo123

9 years ago#2
*Donald Flare: Donald appears and sits on Sora's back. He fires 1 rocket each time Sora does an offensive action (I.E. Shoot a projectile, throw an item, swing his keyblade) The Rocket heat-seeks once, and is the same speed as Samus's seeker missle. Donald is active for 10 seconds, and on the 9th second, he releases 10 rockets at once.

*Goofy Tornado: Goofy appears and stays in front of Sora. He spins with his shield like a top occasionally, but his main purpose is to guard Sora. He has 15 HP, so he goes away when he takes 15% worth of damage.

N. Air> Reckless slashing with the keyblade.

F. Air> Sora turns into his Master Form suit(Yellow) And does a foward spike with 2 Keyblades(Oblivion and Kingdom Key). This has the same feel as Ice Climber's F. Air. He switches back as soon as its over.

D. Air> Sora switches to Valor Form (Red) And does a Meteor spike with 2 Keyblades(Star Seeker and Kingdom Key) He switches back as soon as its over.

U. Air> Sora switches to Wisdom Form (Blue) And Shoots 5 laser arrows up with one keyblade.(Kingdom Key). He switches back as soon as its over.

===Final Smash===
Final Form

Sora glows in a silver aura, flips into the air at a 90 degree angle, and on his way down he is in his Final Form suit (Silver). The Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades float behind him. You are in Final Form for 15 seconds, and all of your attacks are 5-10 hit inescapable combos. You can perform them on the ground or in the air, both have different animations. The 10th hit in the air causes Sora to do an X-Cross slash with both keyblades, doing massive knockback. The 10th hit on the ground causes a 90 degree slam into the ground, causing an explosion with massive knockback. You cannot perform the finishing parts of the combos unless you hit an enemy.

There is a 30% Chance this will happen.

Sora becomes dark and his eyes glow yellow, he resembles a heartless. In this form, you have complete control of sora, and his only attacks are slashing wildly with his hands, and stabbing quickly with the 2 scarf-like tentacles around him. He is in this form for 1 minute, and during that one minute, you take double damage, you have no Up B, your attacks are extremely weak, but they are extremely fast. You cannot grab items, and any items you are holding are immediately dropped.


(Sorry for Wall of Text.)
Me: Who exactly IS Captain Olimar?
Guy: The white guy who uses the coloured people to do his work for him.

User Info: Raikousei

9 years ago#3
I like typing in bold.
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User Info: Hector_of_Ostia

9 years ago#4
I stick by what I said in the other one. Good moveset, bad character choice. Why do people think KH need representation?
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User Info: _Clinton

9 years ago#5

User Info: clawshot52

9 years ago#6
Good job. I like it.

@people who say, "Why did you make this, Sora will never be in Smash Bros": Movesets can be made for anybody, not only likely characters. I've seen movesets like the Mythbusters that I loved. It's about creativity, not likelihood.
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User Info: googleyahoo123

9 years ago#7
I stick by what I said in the other one. Good moveset, bad character choice. Why do people think KH need representation?

Read the FIRST ******* PARAGRAPH I TYPED!!!

Sorry. had to cap.
Me: Who exactly IS Captain Olimar?
Guy: The white guy who uses the coloured people to do his work for him.
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