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User Info: Lord_Drash

8 years ago#1

Okay, so I know a lot of people have been putting up all kinds of crazy tier lists, and I felt that it was high time that I weighed in on this whole subject. First, let me explain my credentials, and why my tier list matters.

I am obscenely good at this game. For fun, I play ten stock, random character vs. three level nines on a team and I consistently seven stock them. Without items, or any other tricks. I have won approximately 2000 dollars in local Brawl tournaments, and I managed to net an impressive 3500 after coming in fourth in a statewide one. My personal favorite character is Wolf, but I know that he is not the best by far.

This tier list may appear similar to others, at least on the surface, but I intend to explain my reasons for why I put each character where, and if there are any arguments on where I placed a character, by all means, tell me. I am aware that you viewers have been joked before, by people making tier lists based off items and Final Smashes, and I want to assure you that I am not using those.

Now without further ado…my tier list!

Meta Knight
King Dedede
Mr. Game & Watch

Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers

Toon Link
Zero Suit Samus

Pokémon Trainer
Captain Falcon

Please read my reasoning behind these before you post, as it will help clarify my choices.

User Info: Lord_Drash

8 years ago#2

Top Guys:

Meta Knight: Well, it's pretty obvious why he's up here. He moves are very fast, and some, like his Nair and down smash are quick and powerful kill moves. However, his greatest asset is his incredible air game. He can fly and glide all over the place, which means that once he's off the stage, he can pretty much spend the whole match just gliding around. He can even go under most stages, and the majority of his kills will be characters killing themselves trying to follow his path. His B moves are okay, but they all leave him in an helpless state, so they don't really help his flying, so try and avoid using those.

Snake: Well, between his grenades and Nikita, he's pretty much untouchable. All you have to do is lay his two mines around him, and than just camp with the 'nades and missiles, and no one can touch you. His tilts are okay, but his Forward Smash is amazing. It does insane damage, and hits people behind him, so that's probably going to be his main move. His airs are okay, but neutral and down aren't very effective, plus his jump range is rather low.

King Dedede: I know, I know, "Why isn't this guy higher?" Well, he's not quite as fast as Meta, nor can he projectile as much as Snake, but he has his plus sides. He's heavy, has five jumps and an amazing up B. He has some quick moves, although most of his B's, like down B, side B and B are useless, his forward Smash is pretty much an instant kill and has insane range.

G&W: He's a very small target, and since he's 2-D a lot of attacks miss him, since he seems to have an inherent sidestep built in. Most of his moves are so-so, but his side B is great, since it has a good chance of instantly killing someone.

Falco: Well, his smashes aren't good, and his side B will make you kill yourself a lot, but his standard B is great. You can essentially win a battle by just stand in one spot and shooting someone, since they'll eventually get knocked off the stage. Sometimes they'll jump, and that's where Falco falls apart. He's still good enough to be in the top though.

R.O.B.: Well, between his laser and Gyroscopes, you can just blast the crap out of people. His recovery is great, and he can almost match Meta, but not quite. His down air is probably his best move, and I recommend on only using that and the three B moves as much as possible.

High Guys (Ha ha)

Marth: Well, he's definitely not as good as he was in Melee, since his sword is shorter and he doesn't get horizontal from his side B in the air, but he is still fast, and his Counter is a fantastic move. None of his airs are very powerful, so you should probably stick to close ground combat with Marth, which is where he shines, since you can counter people a lot than.

Wario: He is really weird, but his fart move is surprisingly powerful, and his Bike is great for so many reasons. His smash attacks are pretty decent, and his neutral A is okay. His down smash lasts a long time, so if you keep using that most people won't stand a chance. His aerials are okay, but only his up A is really worth using.

Lucario: Well, none of his moves are really very powerful, and they are slow, but since he gets stronger with every point of damage he takes, he can become really deadly. His Aura Sphere is a good move, and a good strategy with Lucario, is that since he can Wall-Cling he can travel beneath the stages pretty easily and surprise opponents.

Donkey Kong: Great smashes, pretty good forward and down aerials, and that Giant Punch is phenomenal. His down B makes him essentially untouchable, but since he has no projectiles he isn't higher.

Diddy: His B moves suck, and his only decent aerial is his down one, but his smash attacks are really amazingly powerful, and he's quick.

Pikachu: Down b and down smash. Those are the ONLY moves you should use.

Ice Climbers: There's two of them. You essentially get double lives with them out, since if one dies you have a second. There moves are so-so, but hey, there's two.

Kirby: He's got a limitless moveset, with his Copy, so just grab someone's power and use it. His stone and Cutter are also pretty unstoppable, as is his amazing recovery.

Wolf: His side B is an instant kill, if hit right, and his blaster shoots really well. His down aerial is great, but other than that…yeah, that's why.

Pit: He has great recovery and spammy attacks, but his smash attacks aren't very good, so that's why he's not higher.

User Info: Lord_Drash

8 years ago#3

Middle Guys

Toon Link: Basically a faster version of Link, with great projectiles. His moves don't have great range, and with the exception of his down aerial, there isn't anything too great about him.

Olimar: Kind of a double edged sword, with Pikmin he's unstoppable, but if he loses them he can't do anything, and since he only starts with three, and it seems really hard to get more, he's not that great. Oh, and his Down B doesn't do anything, weird.

Fox: He has decent moves, but the reason he's lower than the other Star Fox guys is because his blaster doesn't make his opponents flinch, so it's pretty useless.

Zelda: Great Smashes, and probably the best aerials in the game, her only problem is her Down B is useless, and she is very light.

Zero Suit Samus: Very fast, good stunning moves, but her grab often misses and leaves her hanging, and her down B doesn't really do much. Plus, when her down aerial is used over an edge, she'll die…so yeah, weird.

Bowser: He's very strong, but slow and has bad aerials. His saving grace is that his side B is a suicide, but it kills the opponent first, so if you can hit with all those, than you win.

Luigi: His Smashes and aerials are awful, but his up B if sweet spotted will instantly kill, so that makes up for a lot.

Peach: Overall bad moves, but her impressive recovery keeps her this high, the ability to float and umbrella? Amazing.

Ike: His moves are very slow, but since they are so strong, he isn't quite at bottom. His aerials are pretty much useless, so what you want is to either B or Smash them, since anything else is worthless, considering his best hope is to kill an opponent as soon as possible.

Sheik: Definitely not as good as Zelda, because of her bad smashes, she can flow into her moves okay, but her B's are not very impressive.

Low Guys

Lucas: Good B moves, and his Usmash is obscenely powerful. Only downside is that he doesn't have a third jump, since his up B just sends out a controllable comet thing.

Ness: Pretty much the same as Lucas, just not quite as good.

Mario: He's okay, but his down B is terrible, and his only good aerial is forward A. His smashes are decent, but he's really got nothing special.

Pokémon Trainer: Problem is you have to switch out characters, and you will spend about a third if your time as the god awful Squirtle. The only thing preventing him from being lower, is Charizard's amazing power, and Ivysaurs ridiculous air game.

Samus: Slow, and her Down B is worthless. Charge shots okay, and some of her moves are okay, but really, she's barely even okay.

Yoshi: Has no third jump. He sucks.

Sonic: Amazingly fast, but his moves are pathetically weak.

Jigglypuff: Slow and weak, bad combination.

Ganondorf: Slow attacks, but they're powerful. Problem is they'll never connect.

Link: A worse version of Toon Link, although he is a cooler character.

Captain Falcon: Very manly, but his moves are essentially weaker versions of Ganondorf's, so he belongs here.

That's it, that's my list. If you want me to go into more detail on my reasoning I will, these are just a quick run-through. Hope this helps you understand the game!

User Info: DarkChozoGhost

8 years ago#4
Looks good to me. But I don't particularly care about tiers.
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User Info: Scorpion122178

8 years ago#5
It looks about right but in my opinion they made Ganondorf the worst character in the game, which is a shame since he was my main in Melee.
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User Info: LawlietL

8 years ago#6
I like how everyone calls it good because of the placings, but doesn't read the lolable reasons.

Here's the correct one btw

User Info: darkwolf777

8 years ago#7
Your "explainations" don't explain anything..

All i saw was "lolz fox blastur sux kempard to oder star fox anemals soz he is low teer" so without comparing anything except one attack to only 3 characters, especially when you're supposed to be comparing all attacks and statistics vs all characters.
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User Info: DarthPyro84

8 years ago#8
Ike: His moves are very slow, but since they are so strong, he isn't quite at bottom. His aerials are pretty much useless,

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User Info: DarkChozoGhost

8 years ago#9
Actually yeah, the placements are good, but most of the reasoning is awful.
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User Info: Lord_Drash

8 years ago#10

Ganondorf is almost the worst character, but his great strength is what pushes him over the other two.

I explained why some of the descriptions were lacking, it was just a quick run through of some of the characters. If you want more reasons, just ask.

For example another reason Fox is so low is because he has no meteor smashes, plus Falco has better versions of his side B and up B, as does Wolf. His standard moves are very weak, and don't flow as well as the higher tiered characters.

I am always willing to help people who have trouble with this game, so if there are any other questions, feel free to ask them.

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