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User Info: Super Smash Bro

Super Smash Bro
7 years ago#1
Donkey Kong
Ice Climbers
King Dedede
Pokemon Trainer
Andy (Advance Wars)
Isaac (Golden Sun)
Starfy (The Legendary Starfy)

Captain Falcon
Diddy Kong
Mr. Game & Watch
Zoroark (Pokemon)
Tingle (Legend of Zelda)
Hardin (Fire Emblem)
Hero (Magical Starsign)

I ran with this roster for a number of reasons. It is 30 characters deep (not including alternate forms etc) which is 5 more then Melee and 5 less than Brawl, which feels like a decent fit for a 3DS SSB.

The choices themselves reflect a handheld sensibility, which explains some choices such as Tingle over Ganondorf (Ganondorf has never appeared in a handheld game/Ganon is only a secret boss at the end of Oracles, Tingle has two titles all to himself on DS). The Newcomers are all from prominent handheld series for Nintendo. I didn't add 3rd party characters because I think Nintendo would probably only go through that trouble for an "official" sequel (and I had to trim the roster somehow). That's also how some odd choices ended up as secret characters.

Some specifics:

Zoroark just because they'll go with a prominent 5th gen Pokemon, and at the moment Zoroark is the most SSB viable.

Fire Emblem has recently been a handheld series, especially in the states, and Hardin has been in two games (and the most recent FE), and is also the villain in that game.

Tingle was always my choice for 4th LoZ character (screw Link clones... just merge the two and make Link better!) and has two starring roles in his belt (far more than some characters). Also, supposedly Balloon Fighter was going to be in at one point, and since Tingle was the star of the recent Balloon Fight remake, a lot of that could be used.

I've not played either Magical Starsign game, but Nintendo seemed to love that series in Brawl (seriously, did we need that many stickers). The biggest hurdle here would probably be the lack of a real name.

I deleted Shiek because Shiek is just a small tiny bit of Zelda's character (arguably less important than characters such as Midna and Linebeck, etc) and it's time to move on.

I have a hard time believing that at least one Fox clone wouldn't make it, but I didn't have the room. But clearly Sakurai would cut one or all the newcomers for Fox clones, so whatever.

What changes would you guys think appropriate?
You're a proven moron Smash Brothers--Jax1299

User Info: Neo_Onslaught

7 years ago#2

Why so serious?

User Info: Super Smash Bro

Super Smash Bro
7 years ago#3
Uh... yes? Why not? It's got an analog stick, all the required buttons, and the DS is better than the Wii at online play, and all interviews have indicated that the 3DS will improve on that. I can see no reason why a handheld 3DS SSB game would either be impractical or unnecessary.
You're a proven moron Smash Brothers--Jax1299

User Info: Bat178

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Super Smash Bro

Super Smash Bro
7 years ago#5
Stary's up there, under Newcomers.
You're a proven moron Smash Brothers--Jax1299

User Info: Bat178

7 years ago#6
How about Starly? Maybe it could be like Zelda and Sheik where you can switch between Starfy and Starly (Like in 4).

User Info: Bat178

7 years ago#7
And sorry about that, you didn't put a space in between newcomers and veterans, so I didn't notice.

User Info: Yoshi7210

7 years ago#8
Hmm...Bring back Roy and get rid of Tingle. Then it's perfect. :D
Also THANK YOU for not excluding the Ice climbers. And to whoever said its not gonna happen...
HELLO! Analog stick and 3D=Win
Imagine if someone dies but instead of smashing against the screen they're right in your face. EPIC!!!!1

User Info: sunfalcon9

7 years ago#9
DS is better than the Wii at online play


DS wifi transmits at like 1-2 mbp >_______>

User Info: NeutronStar256

7 years ago#10
They might be referring to Brawl when they say "Wii's online play", or something, because the DS is not better than the Wii for the most part when it comes to online. Think of Mario Kart DS...
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