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User Info: LordBowser12

6 years ago#1
Well, welcome to the Super Smash Bros. 4 Idea and Charactor Creator. I have been one to make topics like these where you make your own something. So, here's how it works... You take a charactor, any video game one, preferably sega, nintendo related stuff... We don't want John Marston as a charactor here -_-". So, Take their name, moves, damage, and other details, and put them here... Ideas are the same, have a new cool feature u wanna add in on SSB4??? Post it.
Let me start... Use this as an example when creating your awesome SSB4 Stuff...

Name: Bowser Jr.
Bio: Bowser's Son, he is speedy and quite powerful.
A+A+A- Punch right (14%) Left Claw (12%) Right Skyward Kick (26%)
Left+Right Smash- He takes his Magic Brush and swings it like a bat. (49%MAX) (26%LOW)
Up Smash- Crouches down, like hes ready to race, and does a backflip, smacking with his feet. (52%MAX) (29%LOW)
Down Smash- Jumps up, and comes down on the back of his shell, creating a small shockwave. (57%MAX) (25%LOW) shockwave- (2%)
Side A- Headbutts- (17%)
Up A- Takes his brush and swipes upward. (16%)
Running Side A- Does a full body tackle like Bowser.- (27%)
B- Spins his Brush and charges a Paintball, like DK's Punch, it can be stored for later. Upon impact, the victim sinks, like a pitfall.- Gradually (4%) the bigger the ball, the longer the victim stays submerged.
Side B- Spits a fireball that travels the distance of Wolf's Blaster. Its is among the strongest projectiles.- (32%)
Down B- Looks at the screen, laughs, his fang bandana turns into a mustache one, he puts his bandana on, He then changes into Shadow Mario, Somewhat of a mix between Mario, and Bowser Jr. If he is damaged in this process, he stops.
Air A- Swipes his claw.- (12%)
Side Air A- spins and kicks.- (19%)
Down Air A- Plummets Down to the ground on the backside of his shell.- (30%)
Up B- Takes his brush and uses it as a propeller, like snake's Up B, does no damage, it is just a recovery
1: Laughs at the screen
2: Brakedances on his shell and says "Nice Try!"
3: Twirls his brush above him and laughs.
FS: Sonic Boom: Screams a high-pitched yell that shrinks everyone on-screen, and gradually causes damage.

I think i should mention, if your post is not done, please say so so people dont post, and interupt it, as of, i am not done yet...
Will not change Sig. until SSB4 is announced...

User Info: LordBowser12

6 years ago#2
Shadow Mario/ Alt. of Bowser Jr.
Bio: Shadow Mario is an alternative of Bowser Jr. He is a copy of Mario. he is pretty well balanced.
A- Same as Mario
A+A+A- same as Mario.
Side A- Same as BJ
Down A- Same as Mario
Up A- Same as BJ
Up Smash- Same as Mario
Down Smash- Pounds the ground with both fists.- (50%MAX) (30%LOW)
Side Smash- Same as Mario, but with a paint blast, not fire.- (46%MAX) (23%LOW)
B- throws a paintball similar to the fireball.- (6%)
Side B- Same as Mario
Down B.- Does a few flips in the air, and morphs back to Jr.
Air A- Same as Mario
Air Side A- Same as Mario
Down A- Stabs the ground with his brush.
1: Sticks his tounge out at the screen
2: Does a backflip (can also be used to dodge)
3: Twirls his brush above him.
FS: Paint Beam: Shoots a large, straight beam of paint at everything in front of him. (82%) and leaves everyone with a pitfall-ish effect who was hit.

Now that my charactor(s) is done, time for my brilliant idea... Also, Please note that the damage ratio i go by is between 1.5 and 2. Now, My Wonderful Idea...

In Depth Fight Scenes.
Triggering: This is triggered when two charactors facing eachother press the same button(s) at relativly the same time.
Effect: The screen goes slow motion, charactors in-between the 2 are damaged and thrown out, charactors outside are froze. It the show a random button at a random time, the first to press it gets the advantage for the moment, where the winner punches, kicks, does something to damage them, the loser must then take the next chances to press the button first, whereas they will dodge it. and the text turn will get a chance to strike back. The fight resumes after one charactor reaches 80% damage in that slow-mo period. they are then launched..
Example: So, It's Mario and Bowser, they enter the In-Depth-fight-Scene. They pressed A at the same time, thier fists collide, recoil happens, they charge eachother again. B APPEARS, Bowser presses it first, He avoids Mario, and does an uppercut on him, 34%. Bowser jumps up, after Mario for another strike, Z appears, Mario wins, he does a somersault and avoids Bowsers punch.
Bowser spins, and they are falling. A appears, Mario wins, He slides past bowsers punch, and kicks him in the gut, 18%. Bowser falls to the ground, Mario is goin to land on him. A appears, Bowser wins, he goes into his shell and spins before Mario lands on him, total of 64% on Mario,
Bowser jumps up and is ready to strike Mario, B appears, Bowser wins, and hits mario on top, sending him to the ground. Mario has 102% So, Bowser lands, to finish him. Z, C, B, B, A, B, and C appear. In a little amount of time, Bowser must press as many as he can, to do a combo on Mario and send him flying with some extra damage on him. He does all of them, does a flashy combo (;)) and sends him flying off stage with a total of 267%.
In Depth Features: It is not always in slow-mo, or it would not be SB, witch is fast paced, it turns slow when a button appears. Or Right before someone gets hit/dodges. but some moves are slow-mo, while others are not. like, combos, those are fast.

Well, i hope you enjoyed my Ideas, you may also tweak an existing charactor, please comment on mine, and post your own brilliant ideas!!! Posting is now open...
I'm an expert swordsman!!!

User Info: tssc_218

6 years ago#3
Broken side B. 32%? Unless it's moving at about the speed of a snail, that's insane

User Info: UKUSAEU

6 years ago#4
Name: Princess Daisy
Bio: Peach's friend and princess of Sarasaland
A+A+A- 2 handed punch(16%) Scratch(14%) Right Skyward Kick (26%)
Left+Right Smash- Stabs opponent with her high heel (50%MAX) (25%LOW)
Up Smash- Leaps up, impaling opponent with her crown (52%MAX) (29%LOW)
Down Smash- Slides along ground (45%MAX) (20%LOW) Side A- double slap- (14%)
Up A- Punches upwards-(12%)
Running Side A- Whacks opponent with her dress-(20%)
B- Throws daisy heads like shurikens-(10%)
Sideways B-Throws out Diasy Chain with which she can attack opponents from a long distance(like Sheik's chain,but longer)-(6%)
Down B- Becomes a daisy in ground which means she's impervious to damage
Air A- Kick-(12%)
Side Air A- spins and kicks.- (19%)
Down Air A- Lands on opponents with high heels digging into them-(25%)
Up B- Throws daisys beneath her, powering her up. If they hit someone they do damage-(10%)
1: Winks
2: Folds arms and says "Wanna try again?"
3: Punches air and goes yes!
FS: Daisys: Daisy's rain from sky, which turn to rock if they hit someone. If they hit daisy, she gains 2% health. The others lose 10%

User Info: silversunsspu

6 years ago#5
You're post fills me with unimaginable joy that not even I can fathom!
Daisy FTW!!!!
anything you can pwn Chuck Norris can pwn better

User Info: LordBowser12

6 years ago#6
^ dude, u r talking about DAISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! attack shud be 2 -_-" sorry, but that damage whould only be dealt at a ratio of 2.5... and i guess i should say that side B should be more like, well, a bit lower, the fireball moves at about 7 mph, and is easy to dodge, just jump, and it takes BJ a b it to recover, and about 1 sec to spit it out... id say it's almost reasonable... what do you guys and gals think about the In-Depth-Fight scenes? I'd love that, and it would be one of those features that woul;d make it on the back-cover...
I'm an expert swordsman!!!

User Info: LordBowser12

6 years ago#7
UKUSAEU was who i was talkin to, sorry, but id say that daisy was just a clone of peach. sorry, but thats my opinion, and im intitled to it, id hate daisy in SB, cause i hate her... but, thats your opinion, so, be my guest, i dont wanna start a fight...
I'm an expert swordsman!!!

User Info: silversunsspu

6 years ago#8
whatever man >>

And yeah that in depth character custimaztion thing is preety cool...I guess...

anything you can pwn Chuck Norris can pwn better

User Info: LordBowser12

6 years ago#9
customazation?????????????? thnx anyways...
I'm an expert swordsman!!!

User Info: silversunsspu

6 years ago#10
Yeah custimization. I though you're idea was proposing creating certain attributes?
anything you can pwn Chuck Norris can pwn better
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