What company's do you think would get a third party character in SSB4?

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  3. What company's do you think would get a third party character in SSB4?

User Info: Redmage1987

6 years ago#1
Just shooting for some people that I think would make it into SSB4...

Capcom: A ton of people (myself included) wanted to see Mega Man in Brawl. We didn't get him though. I think he would most likely be the next 3rd Party (assuming we get 3rd Party Characters in SSB4) Character to join. I would personally prefer Classic Mega Man over any other form, because he is the most iconic and I personally think he fits in the best with the Nintendo Characters.

Square Enix: A lot of people were demanding Geno for SSBB. I like Geno and he would also make a unique character. Coming from a game of squares, but made with Nintendo characters would further make Geno fit it, IMO. However, if Square had a character in it would probably be from Final Fantasy. Which, if that's the case, there are many to choose from.

Hmm. I don't know about any others right now. Namco might be possible, but Pac Man would probably be weird in Smash Bro's. Hudson could use Bomber Man I suppose. I highly doubt characters from games like Halo or Mortal Kombat would be in it either. Anyway, what do you guys think?
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User Info: JetAurion

6 years ago#2

Lloyd Irving.
Or Asbel Lhant.
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User Info: i_liek_mudkips

6 years ago#3
Nintendo and Capcom will speak about getting one of Capcoms characters in the next SSB, that's for sure. Though its really tied between a few people.

Megaman/Zero. Both are well known, Both have movesets, and both have variety. The only problem that I see at first glance is the fact they're only in traditional fighters, aka ones not like Brawl.
Ryu. Same as above, only you cant really have Ryu without having Akuma, and you cant have Akuma without Chun-Li, etc etc.
Viewtiful Joe. He's not that popular, He's got a moveset, And there's plenty of things you can do with him. Just think of anything extremely outrageous and awesome, tweak it a bit, and there you go, you get a move for Joe.

herpaderpforgot my analysis on Squeenix.

Squeenix is... a bit annoying when it comes to any sort of crossover. Theres been many ideas that they turned down due to the sole fact that no less then 5 characters from any of their series (aka Final Fantasy) can get it. The most lenient they've been as far as I know is letting in two of their characters in a crossover, but even that got scrapped. Squeenix thinks they're on top of the world.

Butttt, With their money hitting the gutter as of recent and going near bankrupt, They have to be much more lenient. I'd assume if Nintendo plays their cards right, They can get any character from Squeenix in Brawl. Even Sora, if Nintendo wished.

I'm missing a lot of things I know, but its 2:13 AM, cut a guy some slack.
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User Info: Volvagia_Rulz

6 years ago#4
JetAurion posted...

Lloyd Irving.
Or Asbel Lhant.

Try Pac-man or Luke fon Fabre (Abyss remake on 3DS...advertising....Symphonia branch of Tales staff (made Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia iirc) has stated Abyss is their favorite...etc).

User Info: Ventanrex

6 years ago#5
Sora isn't Square's property, actually. Nintendo would need to strike a deal with Disney for anyone from Kingdom Hearts. On that note, Disney would then be a choice for a 3rd party character.

What about a character from Soul Caliber? Seeing as though Link was a guest character for it once, it seems fitting someone from there would get into Smash.

I'd be up for a Chocobo Knight from Square, personally. It would represent most of FF without showing favoritism towards one game in particular. Maybe it's final smash could be an airship raid with fifteen different Cids onboard. ^_^

What about Natsume? Rune Factory could make for an interesting addition. You'd have a swordsman that can summon monsters to fight with.

And yeah, Megaman is pretty likely.
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User Info: Doug314

6 years ago#6
will not change this sig until SSB4 is announced!!!!!!!!

User Info: Volvagia_Rulz

6 years ago#7
Honestly, anyone thinking that Square or Nintendo would choose anyone other than Cloud or Sora is just deluding themselves (why Nintendo fans are still bitter about SE switching to Sony I'll never know).

Yes Chocobo Knights, Slimes, Moogles, and Black Mages all represent the diversity and even icons of Square Enix. Yes Cecil, Terra, Kekfa, and Warrior of Light are all from originally Nintendo-based FF's. Yes, the names "Cloud", "Sora", "Sephiroth", "Squall", and generally any other post-FFVII SE character that's popular invokes rage in both Nintendo fans and hipsters.

Doesn't change the fact that they're among the most popular (and by association, iconic) faces in VG history and will get in before any other SE rep.

And I still don't really see a Soul Calibur character getting in over Pac-man or Luke (the latter, again, only being really applicable right now because of the TotA remake coming out here shortly).

User Info: skaz9000

6 years ago#8
Sega - Well, they have plenty of IP's, but it seems like none of their franchises come close to the popularity of Sonic, so I doubt any other franchise is worth making a direct appearance. I mean, what other big name ones are there? Phantasy Star/Online? Super Monkey Ball? Sakura Wars? Puyo Puyo? Jet Set Radio? I'm just not sure they compare ...

Konami - Besides Metal Gear, I guess Castlevania or Bomberman might stand a chance.

Capcom - Megaman is undoubtedly the most demanded 3rd party not yet in. Ryu is also very notable, especially lately, really helping launch the 3DS. There are many other choices, but these two are certainly the main candidates.

Namco - Pac-man is undeniably iconic, but at the same time not very interesting .... Tale of- series or Soul Calibur might be notable, but even then it is hard to decide just which character from either series if any ...

Square Enix - uhhh ... I guess that Cloud fellow is popular, eh? But has he actually appeared on any Nintendo consoles? Or maybe someone from Dragon Quest? I'm not knowledgeable at all with this company, so I dunno ...

Dunno about any other companies, although there have been buzzes by the makers of Professor Layton and No More Heroes respectively. No idea what to take from either of them as far as likeliness.

But I think it is important to remember that in SSBB, Sonic and Snake were guest characters, and are just as likely to return as not. They may remove the whole 3rd-party aspect, they may build lightly on it, they may focus intensely on it, or just keep it exactly where it is now with no additions or removals. It is really hard to find anything suggesting one thing or another. Maybe that will change after the game finally gets announced ...

User Info: Mr_Snorlax1986

6 years ago#9

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User Info: losst4ever

6 years ago#10
Doug314 posted...
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