Peach--The SSBB Ultimate Champion (A Smash Analysis)

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User Info: Awakened_Link

5 years ago#1
First of all, let me start by saying this was one done purely out of boredom and is obviously by no way means "official" or whatever. It isn't even all that accurate. But it was fun, I enjoyed my 'tests and research', and in my book, Peach really is the Ultimate Champion in Brawl (though I might be biased--she is my main, after all =P).

So, excluding Mario, Fox, and Ness (as I decided they weren't 'unique' enough for my little tourney, if you can call it that), I pitted up the 32 characters into random fighting groups of 4 (resulting in 8 groups total) to start off Round 1. I tried to have at least two veteran fighters and two Brawl newcomers in each group. All the characters (all CPUs, of course) were Level 9, and items were turned Off. All fights took place on Final Destination. These were the groups:

1.) King Dedede (Winner)
Mr. Game & Watch (2nd)
Jigglypuff (3rd)
Peach (Last)

2.) Sheik (Winner)
Marth (2nd)
Sonic (3rd)
Pit (Last)

3.) Samus (Winner)
Captain Falcon (2nd)
Snake (3rd)
Ike (Last)

4.) Ice Climbers (Winner)
Olimar (2nd)
Luigi (3rd)
Pokemon Trainer (Last)

5.) Lucario (Winner)
Kirby (2nd)
Wolf (3rd)
Yoshi (Last)

6.) Donkey Kong (Winner)
Meta Knight (2nd)
Link (3rd)
Lucas (Last)

7.) Diddy Kong (Winner)
Ganondorf (2nd)
Pikachu (3rd)
ROB (Last)

8.) Toon Link (Winner)
Bowser (2nd)
Falco (3rd)
Wario (Last)

Then, I split the 8 winners into 2 groups of 4 fighters, and the results came back as:

9.) Sheik (Winner)
Lucario (2nd)
Diddy Kong (3rd)
Samus (Last)

10.) Toon Link (Winner)
King Dedede (2nd)
Donkey Kong (3rd)
Ice Climbers (4th)

So, ultimately, it came down to Sheik vs. Toon Link, and lo and behold, Toon Link won. I declared he was the Ultimate SSBB Champion.

BUT, I thought, I should do some more tests to see if this hypothesis is true or not.

So my strategy was taking all the 2nd, 3rd, and Last placers and pitting them together for more 4-player battles to determine the next-in-line winners. For example, I put Marth, Capt. Falcon, Meta Knight, and Mr. Game & Watch in a 4-group fight, as they the were the second-placers from the 1st round. Then I took the remaining 2nd-placers--Bowser, Olimar, Ganondorf, and Kirby--and put them together. In those fights, Meta Knight and Olimar won, respectively. Then I matched them together in a duel and in the end, Meta Knight won. So he got 2nd place in the Winners line-up, right after Toon Link, the initial champ.

So, after the 2nd-placers fight, I moved on to the 3rd- and 4th-placers rounds until finally I had 4 distinct winners--Toon Link (1st), Meta Knight (2nd), Link (3rd), and Peach (4th). It was then that I thought I ought to pair up these guys to determine the TRUE SSBB Champion, who would be declared as the Ultimate SSBB Champion, with a status higher than Toon Link's. So, the 'Elite 4' (as I called them, heh heh) had a fierce battle, and whaddya know--Peach actually won!

So, in conclusion, The Elite 4 Smashers are Toon Link, Meta Knight, Link, and Peach (in that order), though the Ultimate Champion of the Elite 4 is Peach.

Naturally, I'm so very proud of my gal. She was a strong fighter in Melee, got dumbed down some in Brawl, but still came through as a competent contender and not just some girly princess. I love that she's my main. =D

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User Info: Awakened_Link

5 years ago#2

But WAIT, there's more!! After that ordeal, I followed that same 2nd-, 3rd-, and Last-placers strategy in the following rounds to get the Top 16 Smashers (it's too bad for the remaining 16, poor guys), following right after the Elite 4. According to my database (har, har), these are the Top 16 Fighters in Brawl due to their 1-on-1 duels and resulting victories in all the rounds (it took a LONG time to record all this down on paper and watch the fights, trust me).

1.) Toon Link
2.) Meta Knight
3.) Link
4.) Peach
5.) Ike
6.) Luigi
7.) Wolf
8.) Falco
9.) Pikachu
10.) Marth
11.) Pokemon Trainer
12.) Diddy Kong
13.) Ice Climbers
14.) Bowser
15.) Ganondorf
16.) Pit

Ready for even MORE? Just as I had the Elite 4 butt heads, I did the same with the remaining 12 victors, dividing them in more fights of 4 in the order that they won (for example, Ike, Luigi, Wolf, and Falco, then Pikachu, Marth, Pkmn Trainer, Diddy, etc.).

I ended up with 4 MORE winners, them being Peach, Luigi, Pikachu, and Pit. Then it came down to the final battle, to see which super-fighter would reach the ultimate goal and become the Ultimate, ULTIMATE Brawl Champion. And can you believe it--Peach won AGAIN!! What started out as a Last-place loser became the herald Champion of them all! So even in the true final battle, though Toon Link is at the top of the list, Peach remains the real Brawl Champ forevermore. I swear on my life, I'm not lying--these really were the true results. Sure, it'd be far more accurate if I re-enacted the same battles again and again to see the characters that won the most, but hey--I'm satisfied with the first time. =)

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User Info: Lightning_XII

5 years ago#3
Peach is a joke.
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User Info: silent_solstice

5 years ago#4
Peach is my princess.

User Info: Johnman65

5 years ago#5
It's only fair if you use all characters(But that'd be a pain to record). But for now, I'll respect this. I might do the same thing soon.
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User Info: MasterAshKetchem

5 years ago#6
I bet if you did it long enough, everyone would equal out.
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User Info: toxicpie

5 years ago#7
I always do this sort of thing with my friend, and it's always the characters we hate that end up winning. =P

User Info: zeroexev29

5 years ago#8
ITT after the 2nd post: tl;dr responses
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User Info: Lifeaga

5 years ago#9
From: MasterAshKetchem
I bet if you did it long enough, everyone would equal out.

From: Lightning_XII
Peach is a joke.

You guys are jelly.

THIS POST IS BLESSED. Peach is also my main. I'm so proud that YOU did this to prove that, sure she might not have her D smash, but she still comes out on top. Thank you. You are absolutely right. HI-FIVE FELLOW PEACH MAINER.
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User Info: Dre_

5 years ago#10

I don't get what this achieves though.

This does nothing to show which characters are better than others, and it's been well known for ages that Luigi is the hardest CPU to verse, so it doesn't tell us who the best CPU is either.


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