I hate Nintendo...

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User Info: Portalofpikmin5

5 years ago#1
For making this dual disc. Before this stopped working on my Wii, this was my favorite game of all time...
Goroh and Pico for SSB4! People who Think Goroh should be in:10 People who think Pico should be in:9
People who think neither should be in:4 Spidey is great!

User Info: pokedude900

5 years ago#2
You could always get your Wii cleaned, you know.

And it's not like they had much of a choice. It was either dual-layer, or strip out almost half the content.
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User Info: KevintheDork

5 years ago#3

I like the sound of that.
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User Info: Prismsblade

5 years ago#4
This takes me back I haven't had to remove my brawl disc for mouths after its release but not long after I finally did it got a single scratch somehow, and quit working....... I was furious.
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