Ultimate SSBB Riddles part 102:How many floors are in the Empire State Building?

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User Info: Fluttershy4

5 years ago#1
So I noticed that about a day after the last topic had ended, no one had bothered to make the next one. Voila! I decided to make it.

Rules of the Riddler (Credit to USSBBR Veterans):
1. The answer to the riddle has to be found in Brawl.
2. Lines pertaining to your answer can come from other games, though.
3. If you answered correctly, you have 24 hours to post a new riddle. Otherwise, anyone may make the next riddle, which is then considered official.
4. You must have 20 Karma to post a riddle, due to posting restrictions.
5. Rhyming is recommended but not required.
6. If you can't think of a riddle, say so immediately so someone else can take over.
7. If you have the current riddle, you must post within 36 hours of your last post or your riddle will be replaced with a new one (refer to rule 3). Even if the expired riddle is solved within the 36 hours, but not officially announced within the time; the riddle is still expired and its replacement will become the official riddle.
8. If your riddle expires for any reason, you may NOT replace the expired riddle.
9. Every 50 posts, you must put up 2 extra lines, answer a yes/no question from a user, or put up a hint.
10. Make sure your hints, lines, and answers are correct and don't contradict the answer. Even if a hint may be a loophole, exploit it rather than giving incorrect information.
11. If the current riddler is absent, then a temporary riddle may take place.
12. It can be super-obscure; as long as you give good hints (e.g. “I am the top right pixel of someone”). Refer to DallasDingyBird's Guide to Good Riddle Making for more information.
13. The answer CANNOT be exclusively from a Masterpiece.
14. No more than 20 guesses may be made at once. If you post a list of Stickers, Trophies, Stages, Characters, etc. you must wait at least 10 minutes in between each part of the list you post.
15. After 250 posts, the '2 closest guessers' option becomes available. The '5 closest guesses' hint becomes available after 500 posts.

The Smash Compendium of Users (bulk written by MANicantdecide, edited by all users mentioned)

Alakazam_fan (The Leader Guy): Alakazam is BACK, baby! He is one of the best riddlers around! Riddles like his are a Rarity to come by. First to utilize the guess list and closest guesser hint. Came the earliest out of everyone. Don't get Tangled up in a fight with this guy else he'll hit you with a frying pan. Best Riddles: Damage Recoil & F-Airs; "Ala is gay for men" -Alakazam_Fan
gavin1235 (The Simple Guy): Gavin only posts occasionally, and when he does, his posts are short and to the point. Also been a part of this since Part 1. Doing a "gavin" means posting an incredibly long list of perhaps random guesses. His riddles aren't extremely hard either. Best Riddle: Green Alloy
KainWind (The Modest Guy): I'm just gonna sacrifice this so everything fits nicely. :) Kain hasn't posted for a while, but remember, he's always watching *shifty gaze*. Best Riddle: Gerudo Valley (song)

User Info: Fluttershy4

5 years ago#2
DallasDingyBird (The Nice Guy): Assumed unofficial leadership of USSBBR in Ala's absence and is still considered one of USSBBR's frontmen. Perhaps the most active out of all the users here. So nice! Is almost never rude and gives reason for his mistakes, much like his MLP choice of alter-ego, Fluttershy. He always has a lot of temp. riddles to share. His guesses are very logical and his riddles witty. Doing a 'Dallas' means repeated posting until a 50 post mark or to the end of the topic. Best Riddles: Blast Box and Bridge of Eldin
Adreim_Erruco21 (The Friendly Guy): Used to be Mierda_Ocurre12. He always thinks about the other users and tries to make his posts or riddles fun/funny, and is entertaining to have around. He's been missing for quite some time though D:. Best Riddle: Paratroopa's Wings
Player_0 (The Ambitious Guy): Left for an indeterminate amount of time around September 2011. Resident stalker. He used to be known as MANicantdecide. Brought the gift of some certain four-legged animals we all know and love... well, most of us. Puts a lot of thought and work into all his posts and riddles, perhaps too much (he just loved making lists like this). Much more time than 10 seconds flat, believe me. First to utilize one hint/one yes or no question/2 more lines per 50-post page. Best Riddles: Display naming the music at the start of the match, Stars that characters become after being spit out by Kirby/King Dedede
linksmaster813 (The Interesting Guy): Came in Part 18 and has been very active since. His posts sometimes have a dramatic flair to them or bring humor to the table. He definitely isn't as good as making riddles as he is at solving them (mass guessing or not), as his riddles are mostly Eggspwnt or last too long to be enjoyable. However, he's had a couple of good ones. Writing an epic fantasy/sci-fi story involving select members of USSBBR. Best Riddles: Dark Link, Cook Kirby’s Hat
eggsandbricks (The Silly Guy): Winner of the first USSBBR tournament!!! Created and used to update the USSBBR archives. Activity has dropped a bit (don't worry, he's still in correspondence) and very odd, but don't be scared of him. Probably most humorous and fun of the users here. He also has frequent spurts of genius, which leads to tricky riddles and the occasional Eggspwn where he solves a riddle in one guess (or early enough). Best Riddles: Replays, How to Play video
NextGen_TB (The Fun Guy): After being AWOL for quite some time, he's finally back with us! He has a total of two unexplained absences from USSBBR because of two different accidents....TB sure is unlucky (he was even in a coma!). Is very humorous and motivational about riddles. TBitis, which originated when TB messed up formatting a topic, is when you make a USSBBR topic but make an error whilst doing so. Best Riddle: Team Match
zeroexev29 (The Blender Guy): Appeared in part 42 and has since risen through the USSBBR ranks, with many riddles under his belt. Loves Mega Man, and isn't hard to get along with. A blend of all the personalities of USSBBR. Best Riddle: Spectator Mode
Falcon_Pawnch75 (The Logical Guy): FP for short. Was runner-up in the USSBBR Tournament! He came in Part 19, but didn't become active until the 30s. Very logical when it comes to guessing, and funny when it comes to just about everywhere else. He's also made a few pieces of digital artwork dedicated to USSBBR. Best Riddle: Mario's Dair
Cindiquil (The Expressive Guy): Once a lurker to USSBBR but joined in 36. He's quite straightforward and direct once you get to know him.

User Info: Fluttershy4

5 years ago#3
Sword_of_Fleets (The Scientific Guy): After a long hiatus, he's back and more active than ever! He has a guess list that he always posts for every riddle that never changes. His random quotes and stories distinguish him from everyone else.
lilman1106 (The Lonely Guy): He's most active at night (because he lives in Australia) when there's no one around, which really irks him. He says he watches all the topics, but never posts due to lack of time. You must be careful, as he is Batman! Best Riddle: Classic Mode Lasers
PHoToS999 (The NOT WEREWOLF): His riddles are a little more odd not unlike P0's or Ala's. He did come earlier than a lot of other people. Oh, and DEFINITELY NOT a werewolf.
TheSpasticKing (The Spastic Guy): He's been around since about 34, and joined because of Link (they know each other in real life), although most like to refer to him by his original name, Rival. Pretty random and hyperactive but actually logical when guessing; hmm, is this a recurring theme for us? Best riddles: Tripping and Wolf's Knife
quetip1: He's been very active lately. He's not too bad of a riddle maker or solver. And, surprise, he has a fascination with q-tips! Best riddle: Shared Stock
nighthawk247: One of the newer additions to USSBBR (~ part 90), Night showed up at a pretty opportune time to breathe life into the topic with his fairly good activity, guessing, and camaraderie.
Rainbowkirby749: He's so modest that he persistently tried to stop us from making an SCU. Likes to number his points in posts; they are often humorous, and if not, he still comes off as a nice guy. He's also an Aussie, but that doesn't stop him from Dallasing alone, hence his title.
Zero_Destroyer: Is totally insane beyond all comprehension, but it thankfully does not get in the way of his riddle making/solving. Offends some, but is hilarious to others. His activity waxes and wanes. Best Riddle: The can that Lucas kicks in the first Ruined Zoo cutscene.
silversunsspu: The only known girl in USSBBR. Posts fairly good guesses, though she's yet to solve a riddle. Rivals Rival as the most spontaneous user in USSBBR.
-nailuj-: Like Rainbow, he doesn't really want a description, but we're still giving him one. His activity goes up and down periodically. Probably the person who's been here the longest without a description.
wearewe34340: He doesn't post often, he's a little shy, I think. Earthbound and Banjo-Kazooie FTW! He has finally finished moving!
averagejoel: He’s an active guesser and even solved one of Ala’s riddles. Fire Emblem FTW, eh? (Get it? He’s Canadian!)
i_liek_mudkipz: Made a few riddles, not the best at them. Yet when he does make a good one, it lasts a good topic! Best Riddle: Pokemon Trainer White(?) alt color
todbot1: Not seen often, but used to post a couple of times every topic. In the old days he was quite the riddle solver, but never made a riddle. A crowd favorite during Brawl matches. 'Todbotting' is to have the chat open and be signed in, but not actually be there for long periods of time.
King_DDB: Very mysterious, he's been here for awhile (or so he says) but didn't start posting til recently. He's kept his real identity a secret. He could be...!

User Info: Fluttershy4

5 years ago#4
USSBBRCHIVES: Created by eggsandbricks (with updates now made by zeroexev29)

Part 1:

Part 2 (Current as of Topic 88):

These links contains all of the information about past topics AND riddles, including a compilation of the riddles created thus far and other fun information. Check them out!

The USSBBR Leaderboard! (Created by zeroexev29):

0. todbot1
1. gavin1235
2. lilman1106
3. Player_0
4. silversunsspu
5. Zero_Destroyer
6. Adreim_Erruco21
7. TheSpasticKing
8. Rainbowkirby749
9. linksmaster813
10. DallasDingyBird/Fluttershy4
11. quetip1
12. Jakemaster897
13. Usoki
14. Alakazam_fan
15. NextGen_TB
16. Falcon_Pawnch75
17. PHoToS999
18. zeroexev29
19. nighthawk247
21. eggsandbricks
20. Cindiquil
21. averagejoel
22. quetip1
23. DallasDingyBird/Fluttershy4

DallasDingyBird's/Fluttershy4’s Guide to Good Riddle Making! (with slight additions by Link)

- It's a good idea to make your lines rhyme, it's not essential, but it's a good place to start. If a line that rhymes sounds confusing, you should dump the rhyme so the riddle makes more sense.
- It's okay to make your lines a little obscure, but try not to go too far with it. Alakazam_fan's lines back in the day were good: contrasting, slightly confusing ideas, but pretty specific to the riddle answer.
- Your riddle needs to make sense, don't fill it with meaningless lines that really are just to throw everyone off, no one likes that. There's a difference to alluding to a game that the answer is in and just making up obscure relations, though.
- Also, try to describe what the answer is, not just where to find it and what it does and vice versa. Puns are nice; for example, if the answer was Crazy Hand, the line "I'm quite handy in a battle" would work well.
- It's okay to have an answer that's hard to find, just be sure your lines and hints point to the answer or people may get disappointed after hours and days (and in extreme cases, weeks) of meaningless guessing. If you have an obscure answer, your lines probably should be very specific to start off.
- Recently, most of the riddles' lines are so confusing that you ALWAYS need two or three hints just to narrow down the areas. The first four lines are probably the most important, so make sure they're good. If you know your riddle might be obscure, it's not a bad idea to go with six or eight to begin with.
- Don't try to make the riddle be the longest ever or you'll end up infuriating everyone over how bad your riddle was due to your level of obscurity/poorly made lines thus making for a complete waste of time and no fun for anyone.
- Most of all, have fun creating your riddle!

Reserved Topics
Part 106: Alakazam_fan
Part 111: quetip1

Okay guys, as far as I know, we have no riddle since FP is taking forever to post it, so I suggest anyone who wants the riddle to post theirs (or we can take SoF's if that wasn't already solved) and it will be the official one.

User Info: Fluttershy4

5 years ago#5
I looked and it hadn't been solved yet.

(Unofficial Official Conversation riddle!)By Sword_of_Fleets:
"Hey Jim."
"Alex. Your shift already?"
"Yeah. Anything interesting?"
"Nah. Just the same old sight all around."
"Good, you can go now."
"Hey, I'm still fine, I just had an energy drink."
"Ya sure? You ain't tired from swinging that around?"
"Yeah. You can join me though, got nothing to do."
"Okay then, I- hey, what's that?"
"Whats what?"
"That over there."
"Rrraaahhh. . . I don't see anything."
"I swear there was something."
"Heh, you're the one that needs a break"
"I don't know man, I just don't know."

User Info: zeroexev29

5 years ago#6
Thanks Dallashy

I wanted silvr to make it, but silvr isn't here :<

IIRC the answer is "That" in line 7

I guess Mario's Cape, peach's golf club, frying pan, tennis racket, crown.

User Info: RAPdawg531

5 years ago#7
I guess Mario's Fireball, Luigi's Fireball, any of Ness/Lucas's Specials, Peach's Turnips(all of them), Yoshi,s eggs, Diddy's Bananas, Fox/Falco/Wolf's lasers, ROB \/B
MKW-4469-6756-8317 SSBB-3911-0563-3897
People who like Pokemon: 3. People who think Chuggaconroy is the best LP'er ever: 3. PM me if you are one of them^

User Info: Sword_of_Fleets

5 years ago#8
Oh hay, new topic.

So, first of all. . . it turn out one of my hard drives is dying so I need a new one. Well, there goes an entire day reinstalling most everything.


Third. . . I have an FE gameplay vid so whoever wants to see how I play can see that. I'll get it up later.

Lastly, no to guesses. Also, you guys get a hint, so choose one.
Congratulations. You found a wastebin. -Sten, on the Urn of Sacred Ashes, DA:O

User Info: Falcon_Pawnch75

5 years ago#9
I've got a riddle, shal I post or wait for SoF to have his fun?
This line is dedicated to Hamsammich64. The most--*gets bombed*
[SFT]FP -- The best active racer in SFT, except Libby and NESS.

User Info: Sword_of_Fleets

5 years ago#10
I said you can have it, mine is only a temp after all.
Congratulations. You found a wastebin. -Sten, on the Urn of Sacred Ashes, DA:O
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