Does BrawlPlus work with the Wii U?

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User Info: Planetvideogame

4 years ago#1
Just wondering if BrawlPlus (AKA downloadable content for Brawl) works when playing on the Wii U.

User Info: pokedude900

4 years ago#2
Considering Nintendo's hate of modding, what do you think?

Also, Brawl+ =/= DLC. Do not call it that.
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User Info: mothballs

4 years ago#3
memory card hacking?

the stage builder deal might work otherwise I doubt it
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User Info: Ketchup799

4 years ago#4
I'm not sure, but i've heard that similar hacks work since the "Wii mode" is essentially a Wii and doesn't have extra security measures. You may want to confirm on a forum/board that is actually associated with these.

Btw, if you like BrawlPlus, you should look at Project M. Pretty much a better experience all around.
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User Info: kaminarikid

4 years ago#5
People still play brawl+? It's been dead for years.
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User Info: Zashule

4 years ago#6
Why would you want to play Brawl on the Wii U? Gamecube controllers all the way! : Last 1000 Megamind : Last 200 Monster Island WP7
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User Info: jelly_jam

4 years ago#7
yes, modded brawl is still possible on the wiiu. gamecube controllers don't work, but I've seen work that might solve that.

brawl+ may be dead, but it's still good (way better than vanilla)
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  3. Does BrawlPlus work with the Wii U?

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