how do i catch a red fish

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User Info: shadowology

8 years ago#1
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User Info: Dragoner

8 years ago#2
Same way you catch any other.
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User Info: bzapple

8 years ago#3
Make sure you get the earring from Ralis
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User Info: solidsnake7882

8 years ago#4
I've read every faq and topic here and followed the instructions on catching fish but I am still having the hardest time catching this fish. help plz.

User Info: sjrjrjr

8 years ago#5
You gotta get the coral earring, then go fish in the spot the guards tell you to. When you catch one, immediately turn into a wolf and get the fish's scent.
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User Info: geodukemon

8 years ago#6
I hated fishing too. When you put out your rod, pull out teh rod when it seems to sink down or go down.
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User Info: GeckoLover

8 years ago#7
Find Ralis (he is praying over his mother/father's grave) he will give you his coral earing as bait. Then just fish normally.
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User Info: bloodmage3

8 years ago#8
I thought you had to give/show Ralis something first...

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