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User Info: amorov

7 years ago#1
Ok. I'm pretty close to beating the game now and i just realized, when you go to change from the wolf it says transform into "human". I may have missed something, but i could've sworn Link was an elf. So if someone could please explain that. Thanks

User Info: Dragoner

7 years ago#2
Well, technically, he's Hylian, not human; but it's generally accepted that the Hylians are partial analogues (at least in design, if not culture or origin) to elves, which don't exist in the LoZ universe. So it's sort of neither. However, "human" is used for convenience there.
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User Info: kingnahum17

7 years ago#3
Just try to imagine it saying "Would you like to transform into an elf" 600 times while you play your game. I actually never noticed the Human thing.

User Info: Awakened_Link

7 years ago#4
Human makes the most sense. Why the hell would it say "Transform into Hylian"? That just seems ridiculous. It's not like he looks any different from humans, other than the ears.
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User Info: garlog64

7 years ago#5
Hylians are referred to as humans quite bit in Zelda games, so Link is indeed human.
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User Info: TakerV1reborn

7 years ago#6
Hylians are a kind of human, it's more of a race if anything, similar to the Gerudo. Or for a real-world example, Hylians would be like, I dunno... Scandinavians, while Gerudo would be Egyptian. Both humans, but some minor differences.
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User Info: Dragoner

7 years ago#7
I guess. We were just having this discussion a while back in another topic, come to think of it - Link's gotta have (fertile) descendants, and if lifeforms A and B can mate and produce offspring which can then itself mate, A and B must be of the same species. So, okay, putting the whole vague "Hylians have magic blood" thing aside, we'll take it as a separate race instead.
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User Info: pirinioak

7 years ago#8
I've always thought of Hylian as a race, not a species (homo sapiens or human).

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User Info: YourJanissary

7 years ago#9
transform into brazilian.
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User Info: metalsamurai

7 years ago#10
Hylian is a race, imo.
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