Zora River Warp point

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User Info: SPDShadowRanger

6 years ago#1
I just noticed while watching a video walk through that most people have a warp point to Upper Zora's River by the time they finish the Snowpeak Ruins. I just finished Snowpeak Ruins and I do not have that Zora's River warp point. Was there something I was suppose to do there? I was there hunting Golden Bugs but nothing appeared.

User Info: u_jus_dun_know

6 years ago#2
Snowpeak? That's way beyond the time I normally activate that portal.

I always activate it after the Lanayru tears but before the Lakebed Temple.

If you were up there by Iza's shack hunting for bugs and the Twilit fight didn't occur, then chances are you missed that portal.

User Info: 1337ozPWNSTEAK

6 years ago#3
I'd suggest you go back and run around on the land portions until you trigger the fight with the Twili so you can get that warp point. It is far from pivotal, but it does help if you want to go fishing...
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User Info: SPDShadowRanger

6 years ago#4
I figured it out last night. I was in the area but never the right place. It is late in the game for most people but I didn't even know there was suppose to be a portal there.

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