BestBuy has game coming out 3/1/2009 on website

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8 years ago#11
this game should of came out with the movie

Seriously. A new Indy movie FINALLY gets made, and they put the game on the backburner?!

As for the aliens, I thought they fit them into Indy's world nicely. He's supposed to be a pulp hero that encounters the fantastic. I don't see much difference between having alien-like beings that come from another dimension, and ghost-like beings that come from another dimension.

User Info: awsomemanspiff

8 years ago#12
i liked the movie.
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User Info: Hippie2006

8 years ago#13
every single other indy movie was about him loking for some ancient religious relic like the ark of the covenant, and the holy grail.....even those stones in the temple of doom were religious symbols to that tribe.....aliens dont belong in indiana jones....he isnt an archaeologist in search of extraterrestrial artifacts, he looks for historical artifacts.....anyways i thought the last one was alright.....the temple of doom was the worst one in my opinion
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User Info: dvdijck

8 years ago#14

I agree.

User Info: jimboman

8 years ago#15
i don't agree. aliens fit just fine into the indiana jones genre. the crystal skull was an ancient relic from the mayans. he just happened to fumble into the aliens.
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