can someone explain charms/runes to me?

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  3. can someone explain charms/runes to me?

User Info: Mtpgamer

9 years ago#1
Can someone explain the Runes/Charms?

I understand that you can insert runes into slotted weapons and armor, but there are these charms that you can use too that give certain effects.

There are 2 confusing issues to me with these charms:

1. You can "insert" certain runes into them it seems and as you insert them they turn blue on the screen below....not sure what that does?

2. Also, there are quests associated with them. Do you have to do the quests before you "equip" them into one of the 2 open slots? How do you get them to work?

Anyway, just wondering....wasn't too sure.

User Info: Skull06

9 years ago#2
I was under the impression that you had to complete the quest for the effect of the charm to activate, then you put it into a rune slot. I'm not sure, though.

User Info: XeoLife

9 years ago#3
In order to receive the effect of the charm, you must insert 1 of each type of rune it requires and complete its quest.

User Info: FallenOasis

9 years ago#4
in order to activate the charm you have to insert the runes and complete the quest.

Blue just means an appropriate rune is already in place as a reminder.

Once you do both the quest requirement goes away and the rune activates

I've only down this once though, mostly just bad luck on my part. I either have the runes for it but the quest objective is impossible given the length of the demo (I.E. Kill 12 trolls). Or the quest is possible but I don't have the runes.
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User Info: vJESSEv

9 years ago#5
do you have to do the quest requirements after you pick up the charm or does it retroactively check to see if they're already done.
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

9 years ago#6
After you pick it up, and only when it's equipped. Nothing you did when it's not equipped, before or after, matters.

The Charm Quest for each Charm is only "active" so long as the Charm itself is equipped. Also, you can only insert Runes into a Charm if it's equipped as well.

User Info: vJESSEv

9 years ago#7
I like money.

User Info: Mtpgamer

9 years ago#8
oh ok, i get it...thanks for the info!
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User Info: mrnitropb

9 years ago#9

Seems like alot of work for not a whole lot of pay off. the Buffs just dont seem that effective. Especially when you realise you could have put that level 4 rune into a sword to give a plus5 damage, and instead it is now doing nothing in the charm.

Yeah, instead of staking in charms, runes are actually negated by being in charms. woo-hoo.

User Info: JustJaymo

9 years ago#10
Thanks for the info guys, I was wondering what the hell was going on, too.

I equipped a charm earlier which was to kill 30 enemies using a ruiner, I completed the task and nothing happened, not that I could see anyway (from the above posts I'm assuming that I needed some sort of rune in the charm?)... I think the bonus thing was "Armour". So does I take it this means I'll get some sort of armour loot drop if I complete the task?.... Now, a question for those that have successfully completed a Charm task.....Is there any way to differentiate the loot drop that you receive?

What I mean is, say for example you take the above charm as an example...I have killed 25 enemies using ruiners, the next one I use kills 6 enemies to take me to 31 killed by using ruiner, therefore completing the charm task.

Loot drops from the enemies and I'm guessing that loot would drop due to me completing the task from the charm. Is there any way to tell which loot the charm has given me and which loot has come from enemies?
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  3. can someone explain charms/runes to me?

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