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User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

9 years ago#1
This is going to be as unbiased as possible.

Skill Trees
Combo Meter
Penalties of Death
Online Co-op

Norse Mythology

Development Time
Pre-Order Bonus
Unlock Classes



The camera in Too human is different. It is not a fixed camera, as in games such as God of War, nor is it completely controllable. This camera is "automatic" as Denis Dyack (Henceforth known as DD) stated. It will show your the most dangerous creature in the area first and foremost. It will also have arrows to show you where off camera enemies are. The camera can be moved out, so if you are feeling cramped, like the camera isn't doing what it should, press down on the D-pad to move the camera out. Many prefer the Iso/strategic camera angle. If there is anything that you specifically wish to see, you can press LB to move the camera directly behind you. This isn't perfect though. Some areas won't let you, and it can be disorienting. The camera goes DIRECTLY behind you, not a gentle panning motion. Good thing that it isn't needed for combat.


While the combat isn't as developed as Dial-a-combo games, it is better than most RPGs. It can be as shallow or deep as the player wants. It can be mind-numbing if you're simply going on loot hunts, or you can break up the monotony by doing combos. The combat, at first glance, is "point and win." Once you get the hang of the combat, one can Fierce attack-slide-attack-finisher-launch hit-jump-air hit-air finisher-shoot-grenade-jump-air hit-air finisher-slide to another enemy.

Now, the combat may take some getting used to. The lack of a set tutorial makes the transition hard for some, and makes the learning curve quite steep to begin with. Reading the Adv. Combat in the menu is recommended.

X-Battle Cry
B-Dodge Roll
LB-Camera Centering
LT-Shoot/Secondary Cannon/Rifle fire
RSx2-Launch enemies
RS+LS(Far)-Fierce attack
RS (Click, guns out)-Reload
RS (click, no weapons out)-Character pan
D-Pad: Up/Down-Camera in/out
Left-Remove HUD
Right-Display damage done.

Skill Trees:

You will not be able to max out every node on both Skill Trees.

There are two skill trees. First the basic character skill trees, and then the alignment skill trees. You can either go Cybernetic or Human.

Cybernetic Path- It allows the user to use the cannon. It is the damage mastery path, as well as applying health bonuses.

Human Path-Combo driven ruiners, access to another combo level, and the combo mastery path.

When asked to describe the skills, I must say that as far as quantity goes, Too Human falls short. With that said, each class WILL change how you play, depending on the chosen path. A Champion can either have amazing hang time, destroying enemies in the air, or use pistols to deal damage from afar. The Beserker will never play with the same air combat that a Champion does. Every class is unique and plays differently.

To see each Skill Tree:

Combo Meter:

The combo meter does a lot for characters. At higher levels, your characters will attack faster, be stronger, have an experience boost, which maxes at 3%, and will allow you to use both Ruiners and Battle Cries. It is very valuable.

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User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

9 years ago#2
Penalties of Death:

Now, besides having to sit through an unskippable death scene, you will lose your combo meter. If you are in any secret arenas, you will lose the chance to gain loot from them.

Your armor will also be hurt. Your armor has Equipment State. For the lower levels it is often 10000. Now, it will take a LOT of deaths for you to break those, however, as your armor becomes more rare, it will come down to say 2000. Deaths become more punishing as the game becomes more difficult. You can fix this in Aesir for bounty.


There is NO couch co-op. The online co-op has been brought down from 4 players to 2 players. This isn't a technical issue, rather a development decision.



The world is barren and frozen, every person left alive in this world lives in Aesir, protected by the Gods; the worlds state is due to nuclear and anti-matter weaponry being used against machines. It is set 10,000 years ago.

The Story thus far: You are Baldur, and you are trying to track down GRNDL, which attacked a bar patron and appeared to drink his blood.

It relies heavily on Norse Mythology, though we aren't exactly sure where we are coming into the story. Since it appears Baldur's wife is dead, and she died of grief over his death in the myths, we can only assume that DD and his team decided to make it so that Baldur did come back from the dead, detouring from the actual myth.

Norse Mythology:

Anything you wish to know about Norse Mythology can be found here:

Baldur- Main character. The youngest and favorite son of ODIN. Very popular with humans.
Thor- Fearless, revered warrior of the Aesir. Over 95% of his body is cybernetic.
Tyr- Master armor and weapon smith. Exceptionally brave.
Freya- She can communicate freely with the Norns in cyberspace.
ODIN- Organic Distributive Intelligence Network.
Heimdall- Watchman of the Aesir. Oversees missions.
Loki- Villian. Enhanced using Giant Based cybernetics.
Hel- Daughter of Loki and the Administrator of Helhiem.



Though Too Human has been an Idea for around 10 years, it has only been what we see today for around three years. The game has been in development for as long as most games coming out nowadays.

Pre-Order Bonus-

You get 5 pre-order codes for armor sets to begin the game when you pre-order. They can be picked up with the game. To see these armors:

Unlocking all Classes:


Now, this is my first atempt at doing anything like this, let's hold back the flaming.
Jezstr: "It is a good day to defend Too Human." park_bench: "You Always say that." Jezstr: "It always is..."

User Info: FallenOasis

9 years ago#3
Wow that was an exceptionally good job, there are no opinions stated, just facts. It also provides good overall info to the game.

Plus bump for the mention of my FTQ <3

Might want to add that Cybernetic weapons (weapons that have a cybernetic alignment) have ruiners on them that are not the default one and have elemental effects like poison, lightning, fire, and ice. These are unique the weapon and it must be equipped in order to use the special ruiners.
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User Info: Mangoman1447

9 years ago#4
It is pretty objective and doesn't seem biased in anyway. This and FTQ should be stickied for this board's sake. Maybe even its sanity.
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User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

9 years ago#5
Yea I was going to work on a faq next, but since you did it already, why not just put it in there lol.
Jezstr: "It is a good day to defend Too Human." park_bench: "You Always say that." Jezstr: "It always is..."

User Info: FallenOasis

9 years ago#6
I know its still on the first page but I'm bumping this up a notch before I go to bed.
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User Info: Victer642

9 years ago#7
This should get sticked.
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User Info: Dissonance2003

9 years ago#8
When asked to describe the skills, I must say that as far as quantity goes, Too Human falls short. With that said, each class WILL change how you play, depending on the chosen path.

Not objective necessarily, but true.
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User Info: FallenOasis

9 years ago#9
someone hurry up and request the stickiness, I can't do it or I would >.>
"Shoot first, then answer questions"
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User Info: grubbybatsnow

9 years ago#10
I requested a sticky for you.
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