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User Info: MrBooN

9 years ago#121
nice job tyrant. ty

User Info: JYelof

8 years ago#122
it's over 9000!!!!

User Info: joemama3434

8 years ago#123

User Info: Shuyin_Ice

8 years ago#124
The only thing wrong with the first two posts is this. The 2 player co-op isn't a development decision, but a forced one. It wasn't done by choice, only because it had to be done. And for that, we can all thank Epic for screwing over SK.
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User Info: joemama3434

7 years ago#125
bump. Oh wait...

User Info: grubbybatsnow

7 years ago#126
still alive
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User Info: JYelof

7 years ago#127
i didnt read before posting DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN
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User Info: weride2die

6 years ago#128
yes first post in almost 2 years yay i feel special
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User Info: Gunzleader

3 years ago#129
wha a sad fate this series had...
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User Info: HardTI

3 years ago#130
Does this game still work online? I have a friend that is considering buying it but only if we can play co-op.
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