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User Info: Nadilia

8 years ago#61
What does sentient weapon damage do? is it just for all gun types or the spiders? So confused!

User Info: sethgz

8 years ago#62
sentient weapon damage is the damage of your fenrir skill located at the bottom of your skill tree that you activate by pressing in the left and right analog sticks also known as L3 and R3.
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User Info: Punisher

8 years ago#63
how effective
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Question which is more about charms than runes, but you guys seem like you'll know :)

As an example charm:
Epic Ruthless Inductor
Quest: Kill any enemy #/100
Bonus: Weapon
Nullifies targets resistances
Runes: F, O, TIE Fighter, B, F

I understand that to "complete" the charm you have to finish the quest and insert the runes. Am I right in thinking that, until the charm is complete, you will see no effect from it?
Am I also right in thinking that only the charms which are equipped are the ones from which you will see a benefit? (i.e. if I keep a completed charm in my inventory, unequipped, will it do anything for me?)

Also, for the achievement "Relics of Ascendance" (complete 20 charm quests) do you only have to complete the quest, or do you have to complete the entire charm (inc. runes)?

Cheers in advance, and nice work on the Rune guide :)
Crap, also forgot to ask, if the bonus is "armour" does it mean the effect will happen when you're hit
If it's "weapon" does it mean the effect will happen when you hit something?

User Info: moondrake2

8 years ago#66
There is only a few questions unanswered to me in this game did answer a load of them with the runes effects :-)
Still though...allow me a couple questions about runes ;

Whats that ''hybrid ; plasma'', you said you thought you probly did not need to answer?...
Does it simply mean your weapon will start causing both its basic type of dmgs + plasma dmgs? (slug & plasma type for example)

And what is the proc rate of the runes effects & charms?, are they all the same? and what would they generally be? 1-2-5-10 % chances of hapenning?

Thats all for now, thanks for your answers guys its very helpfull no doubt !!!
A Sticky on this post is definetely nice !!!

User Info: sethgz

8 years ago#67
OK so to answer your guy's questions. yes you have to complete a charm to get it's effects, the charm does have to be equipped to be effective, idk about whether or not you also have to put the runes into the charms to get relics of ascendance but i think that you do, if a charm says weapon it's effect takes place when you hit something, if it says armor it takes place when you get hit or it's constant, hybrid means plasma so if a gun does hybrid damage that means it does plasma damage, idk for sure what the charm effects proc rates are but i think its 5% if im wrong on that one, sorry in advance. I hope i answered all your questions and if you have any more feel free to ask here and i will be sure to help as much as possible. Sorry for the huge block of words.
Gamertag: NXR Alpha X
I can clarify that "complete 20 charm quests" does, in fact, mean "complete 20 charms" and as such you have to enter the runes to get the achievement

User Info: devilinops

8 years ago#69
SethGZ mya i have permision to add ur guid to my forum ill keep it as is and ur name on it

User Info: catboyhowdy

8 years ago#70
This is helpful...for a while, I thought Slowed was a negative effect, reduced movement of something! In all honesty, it did make sense...I thought there were a few random negative enchantments to balance it out! >_>
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