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User Info: Undrtaker

9 years ago#71
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User Info: SourDieseI

9 years ago#72
Nice job tc
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User Info: sethgz

9 years ago#73
sure devilinops you have my permission to use this guide as long as it is unchanged.
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User Info: devilinops

9 years ago#74
it is uncanged and will be updated with urs only think is i added a link that i found from another user in this form to to give a little more stuff im not shere if it added any think good besides rune pics

User Info: aznhick

9 years ago#75

SETHGZ, first of all, thnx for taking the time to post on this topic as it confuses alot of ppl and u gave a very straight forward list.

Second, since I am not an active participant in the forums, I feel I should tell you my experience w/ the game (just so you know I'm not blowin hot air).

I have a C-Champ, C-Comm, and H-BioE at 50 w/ a lil over 250hrs over those 3 chars. I'm also ALWAYS on coop w/ friends. I have beaten single player thru the Ice forest with 2 of those chars.

****Everything I am about to relate is through knowledge of the game guide, personal in game experience, through my friends, and forum reading. I am not presenting everything as fact, I am just hoping I can add to this guide as it could have a massive amount of depth and potentially a much larger benefit. Please let me know if I am wrong about any of this or you would like more clarification.****

Onto the topic.

There are a cpl things i'd like to change/add to your guide for better clarity and to broaden its usefulness:

!) These should not be listed as RUNE EFFECTS. The three types of effect items in the game are CHARMS, RUNES, and FUSED CHARMS. Except for the 'hybrid dmg +x%' effect you listed, which can be listed as a RUNE EFFECT, all the effects listed should be under FUSED CHARM EFFECTS.

RUNE EFFECTS= Effects from findable/buyable named runes you can add to any empty slot on any weapon or armor whether it helps or not. increased lvls are supposed to have increased effects, however, there are certain exceptions to that rule.

IE:The very rare/orange rune called 'MALICE' = pistol dmg+10%. This could be put on any weapon or armor as long as there is an empty slot available. Although silly, this includes putting a pistol dmg rune on a rifle, or hammer dmg rune on a sword...

CHARM EFFECTS= Effects from charms that work for all weapons, all armor, or both (as indicated on the charm). (fyi: armor proc rate %'s tend to be much higher than weapon)

IE: EPIC NECROTIZING AURA is a LVL 3 CHARM that gives the stationary toxin pool effect to armor once it has been completed. The charm must be complete and in the active slot for the player to receive the listed effect.

FUSED CHARM EFFECTS= An effect which is attainable by completing a CHARM, but it is on a weapon/armor before the player does anything to it. Whether there are empty slots or not on the wep/armor, there is no chance of adding additional runes with that same fused charm skill to a wep/armor. what u find on it is all you are going to get.

IE: The LVL 3 CHARM 'Metalstorm Impeller' gives a 'chance of a shot ricocheting off target to inflict damage on nearby enemies. Lasers penetrate instead of ricochet," as stated in game on the charm, once it is complete and active. The FUSED CHARM SKILL would be listed in one of the slots on a weapon as "metalstorm+x%," although don't recall ever seeing it as something besides 6% off hand.

Also, if a fused charm is on a weapon it effects only that weapon. Enthalpy Drain+6% on your sword would not effect your pistols. If it's on armor, however, it will have a %chance of causing the status effect when the player is struck by the enemy. Since armor pieces are not individually struck, a skill on a helm is just as good as a skill on a pair of boots.

Once again, I am not saying you are wrong or trying to argue about your guide, but as I said before, I think some clarification is necessary. Anyone reading this please let me know if you actually have heard of/seen any of these FUSED CHARM EFFECTS in rune form. If it's heard of please only use sources you trust.

2) Listing noticed effects of the charm in addition to the listed effect and listing the appearance of the effect would also be extremely helpful to ppl. I am now reposting your guide and bolding everything you already had, then including anything else to add which might be beneficial to the guide, adding questions if nothing else.


Ablative Shield: Chance of absorbing a percentage of incoming damage.

Found on armor at +10%. If the player had a helmet with 'ablative shield +10%' that means there is a random chance of absorbing 10% of dmg taken by the player. If the player had on a helmet and it had 2 slots with 'ablative shield +10%' it means the player will randomly absorb 10% of the dmg taken, unless both shields proc on the same hit. if both proc, the player would absorb 20%. (sat down and got beat up by goblins in hall of heroes for about an hour with 60% ablative shield on my gear to figure that out.) I didn't see any apparent visual reference to this tho. just the dmg numbers.

Annulment: chance of putting a target to sleep.

Do they wake up after being hit like most RPG sleep status effects? How long does it last?

Blight: chance of emitting a damaging radiation cluster that is capable of spreading to other targets.

I believe this has the red speckled aura around enemies and lasts long enough to kill most enemies who are effected by it.

Defenseless: Chance of nullifying the targets resistances.

Enfeebled: Enemies do half damage.

Enthalpy: chance of freezing target.

Exposed: chance of rendering a target vulnerable to ballistic (gun) damage.

Gravitation Pulse: chance of creating a temporary gravity field which pulls targets into it, killing them instantly. (I love this)
(Me too)

Impact: chance of knocking a target down.

Leech: reduces enemy health over time giving the health taken to you.

Purple/white aura that surrounds the affected enemy and has little light orbs the same color floating up and away from them. The floating torso's in Hel will proc this effect frequently.

Lighting Induction: chance of covering target in a lightning field causing damage over time.

This looks like WHITE/BLUE LIGHTNING and it seems to hit enemies adjacent to the one effected. Short lived. Hybrid grenades will cause this.

Metalstorm: Chance of a shot ricocheting off of a target to nearby enemies. Lasers penetrate instead of ricocheting.

If this status effect procs on a slug/plasma the bullet will ping around randomly auto-targeting the enemy fomr bounce to bounce. Shot will disappear once it has travelled the full ballistic range of the gun. A penetrating laser goes full range into a wave of enemies much like the overcharge on the laser cannon.

Mobility Disruption: Chance of rooting target in place.

Yellowish circle around the feet.

Necrotized: chance of creating a toxin pool which damages enemies that touch it.

Also, the pool will spread to enemies who touch it thus spreading it further around. Very high potential for mass dmg.

Pierce: increased pierce damage. (I don't think I needed to state this one.)

I have never seen this one. I am suprised they put it in and not slash, blunt, or ballistic...?

Pulse Munitions: chance of triggering an EMP, disrupting electronic systems. (I think it stops enemies from moving or attacking).

Also, it has a small radial effect area around the enemy affected.

Rot: chance of poisoning target.

Lasts a very long time. Any Too Human player should know how deadly this can be.

Rupture: chance of causing a small explosion which does light damage.

Slowed: chance of decreasing targets ballistic rate of fire.

white-ish glow. similar in appearance to softened, but cloudy.

Snared: chance of slowing targets movements.

white/purple cicle under the feet.

Softened: critical strikes do 2x damage.

I believe this is the yellow cloud w/ lightning inside it. seems to make all hits critical when it effcts the player tho.

Target Acquisition Scrambler: chance of causing the target to attack your enemies.

VERY HANDY! there is a green flashing circle over the affected enemy's head. It lasts about 10-15 secs. The affected enemy dies when the effect ends. Everything except bosses and trolls can take this status effect, but watch out for friendly fire from affected enemies.

Thermal Induction Pulse: chance of setting the target on fire.

Handy status effect. Ticks off health in regular intervals. Slug rifle and laser rifle secondary fire will cause this.

my GT=gd aznhick gd

SETHGZ, if you want to go all out and make a sweet in depth faq about this that'd be awesome. I haven't seen one out yet so we'd definitely help some ppl on this very annoying and very confusing subject.

User Info: Ryozo

9 years ago#76
Thanks for assembling this information. However, I think Pierce is 'shots have chance of passing through a tango to hit others behind' (see: the cybernetic trait Terminal Ballistics Analysis, or the level 2 Epic Violation Effector charm).
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User Info: aznhick

9 years ago#77
holy jeez. you are dead on man. that makes total sense since metalstorm is the fused charm effect for ricochet. thnx for sharing that bit of insight...time to edit the list.

User Info: Crzcloud

9 years ago#78

need to post in guides sec.....
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User Info: Makogen

9 years ago#79
The "Sleep" effect seems to last about 5-10 seconds and they normally wake up upon receiving damage.

User Info: crimsonfury

9 years ago#80
aznhick you got the effect for pierce wrong. It doesn't increase piercedamage (staffs). It gives ballistic shots a chance to penetrate. eg pass through the target and hit the one behind them. Its the same as the skill on the bottom left of the cybernetic tree, but with a much higher proc rate (I have a couple of guns with +39% pierce).
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