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User Info: Waterflame

9 years ago#81
No, because nothing has infinite accuracy aside from symbolic manipulation, which is almost entirely abstract.

User Info: spinoza_43221

9 years ago#82
Is there a cap on rune effects like for example

thermal induction?

Can you reach a point where thermal induction procs a 100 percent of the time?

User Info: MrBooN

9 years ago#83
omg seth tnx for spreading the word, u helped many and myself.


User Info: Lykenthroape

9 years ago#84
What is "Aggression"? I saw it on one of my weapons and wasn't sure exactly what it did.
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User Info: sethgz

9 years ago#85
I haven't posted on this board in awhile and i figured i needed to again so i'll answer a few of the most recent questions. To spinoza, Yes there is a cap on rune effects and when you get close to or at that cap the game should let you know. It's usually pretty low but it differs in each rune. To Lykenthroape, Aggression is your "aggro" which is a commonly used term usually in PC gaming which basically means your aggravation or how much you aggravate your enemy. The more "aggro" you have the more your enemy will focus on you. It's really only useful when playing with other people on Xbox Live. If you have a defender who can take a lot of damage and a berserker who can't, it would be favorable for the defender to have a higher aggression than the berserker. To MrBooN, Your welcome and thank YOU for your enthusiasm! I'm back! ;)
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User Info: Lykenthroape

9 years ago#86
Thanks, I knew what Aggro was from WOW but I just never really put that together in my head.
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User Info: paralakz

9 years ago#87
I am curious about one thing. When I complete a rune, it has an Insert action for X. What does this do?
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User Info: Crzcloud

9 years ago#88

is this little faq up in the faq section?
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User Info: _AbBaNdOn

8 years ago#89
@paralakz. Either you have not stuffed RUNES into your charm(also required to activate them) or its just there so you can insert a completed charm into a higher level charm as everything lv2 and higher takes other charms instead of runes.

Im not very happy with this guide. Its missing a bunch of crap. It should be broken down like.

status ailments
melee generic
ballistic generic

So people can really plan how to make stuff. And a section detailing charms and how they work. Each section could have recommended set ups so people know whats the best combination of runes and charms. I feel totally overwhelmed. How many empty slots does the best equipment in the game have??

Anyways I guess Soothing is the opposite of Aggresion ?? Does it help with single player and make you invisable ??

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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

8 years ago#90
Depending on whether you enjoy the effects pre-built in to the Aesir weapons or not (and whether you're Human or Cyber), you'll generally be able to get 18-32 free slots for adding Runes (3 with a pre-set Red for Aesir, 4 for Altruist and those Level 50 Human Orange weapons that can all come with 4 empty slots, and probably a Seeker's weapon for Cyber if you don't like the Red that much.... do they even have Seeker ballistic weaponry?)

I tend to say that every build period should use at least 12 pre-set Red Runes, consisting of 4 Armor (to get to 80% out of 90% max at the very least), 2 Health, 2 All-Skills, and 1 Resistance Rune for each of the four damage types. After that, go with what you would need for your class or playstyle.
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