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User Info: SydLosttarot

5 years ago#1
My GT is Calrabjohns. I still need the Team Takedown achievement and a few others. I won't get to playing this immediately as I'm playing through AC3 and then Hitman will come along. If you're viewing this thread though and have any interest in co-op for sweeping up achievements or whatever, it means you're probably patient enough to wait a couple weeks or so before I'd even be around to attempt getting them.

If you're interested, send a friend request with the words Too Human in the message. I'll accept immediately and whenever I'm on I'll be glad to play. There's still four achievements I need iirc.

Epic Gear (I could never bring myself to really grinding for a full set and I didn't know anyone over at the SK site well enough to momentarily let me borrow a complete set)

Yggdrasil Perfect (Third Level...I know this isn't the name lol)

Hel Perfect (Last level)

Team Takedown

Doing the Ice Forest alone was haaaaard. If I can 1k this game, that would be the best send-off I can think of personally. But that's neither here nor there.

Thanks for any consideration. I'll also check back here if anyone leaves his or her GT and send a request as well or first depending on circumstance. Guess that's it.

User Info: Ulyaoth74

5 years ago#2
GT: CaidenFall

I don't have any of the perfect achievements and a few others. I won't be on for a few weeks also, but I'll take this chance to go ahead and plan for the future.
"Can you draw two M&Ms fighting with katanas?" -Me -aDubiousNotion

User Info: GrandiAExtr17

5 years ago#3
GT In my sig, I personally have found the best way to perfect those levels in coop is for one person to be a bioengineer and the other to be a defender. It is damn near impossible to die if both party members know what they are doing.

Also I recommend if you don't have either one of these classes to just run a fresh character with that person I am down to do this if you want Ill send a Friend request because with all that's going down with the company this would be the best way to respect them.
I dont know about you but all this guy-on-guy action is making me kinda horny- HandgunsRule

User Info: Guirec730

5 years ago#4
Best way to survive is have one person who knows what they are doing stand back and let a Commando whoop everything.
Tell them to send the next most dangerous.

User Info: SlashReturns

5 years ago#5
Need to pick up a new 360, but my GT is LycanLeviathan, I'll accept soon as I get a new system.
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5 years ago#6
My GT is Badgermon, started playing again the other day remembered how much fun me and a mate used to have on here
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User Info: tooboredtothink

5 years ago#7
I'm looking to get Teamwork Takedown as well. I am willing to help everyone who hasn't gotten this achievement up until December 15 (my XBL gold expires on December 15). My GT is at the bottom of this message.

And if anyone has a full 7 piece elite armor, I would appreciate it if I could have it just to get the achievement. I don't play this game regularly so I have no interest in keeping the armor; I'll trade it back as soon as I get the achievement.

My GT: MexiSerge
Xbox360 GT: MexiSerge
Play: Halo: Reach, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Castlevania HD

User Info: KingisLegend

5 years ago#8
I still play
Don't take anything i say serious.... I'm Drunk

User Info: FenrirXIII

5 years ago#9
I just ordered a copy from gamestop's site after seeing a person on my FL playing, made me want to play again. I have the perfect Hel achievement I think....but none of the others, go figure right? If I remember right it was myself (Human champ) and a berzerker. We killed so many things wayy to quickly to be threatened. =D

I will be needing to start over from lvl 1 as soon as my copy gets here, and then I'll want to collect the human champ epic armor set, max a few runes and finish off the achievements ect.

My gamertag is Ezmarii and I haven't touched the game since that ol KahLrik guy on the SK forums traded his copy in towards fallout it's been awhile. But I'd love to play!!

tl:dr : GT Ezmarii please add me! Will be playing within this next week here.

User Info: Deadpool_666

5 years ago#10
GT: sykomisfit
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