Long shot but... Epic armor set.

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User Info: x Maelstrom x

x Maelstrom x
3 years ago#1
I've been at this too long. 200+ hours and still only three pieces of my set (Including the weapon which was shop brought...). It's the last acheivement I have left.

Is anyone willing to lend/give/trade/whatever their set? I dont care which class it's for. I'll level a new character to 50 for it. I just want this done so badly.
Your destruction is the will of the gods... oh, and we're going to steal your flag, btw. - Devil Mingy, on playing as Elites in Halo 2

User Info: ChrisZewski

3 years ago#2
I have the full human commando set.
EDIT: and the cybermando set too so pick your favorite alignment.

PM me when you get to 50 or send me a mssg on Live.

GT is the same as my username
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  3. Long shot but... Epic armor set.

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