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User Info: GodTurtle

9 years ago#1
Is there a good level in EBA, or Ouendan 1 or 2 that is good for practicing spinners? Preferably a level with a spinner towards the very beginning? If there is a good level, what's a good "target score" that basically says I'm good enough to pass the spinners in RSG on hard?

I know it's been asked a billion times before, but I'm getting desperate. I've read every thread on EBA and Ouendan 1+2 about spinners that turns up on google. I still can't pull it off. I tried YouTube videos, but most of them show replays and not how to actually spin.

General tips are appreciated as well, though I think I've already digested all the basic concepts. I spin close to the center. I've tried spinning both clockwise and counter-clockwise. I've tried spinning with the wrist, the shoulder, and even with the whole-body. I still rarely pass a spinner on RSG. I've cleared the 3rd section spinner series maybe 3 times, and only once with a reasonable amount of health left.

This is much harder than EBA. :)

User Info: Asho

9 years ago#2
5000 bonus on Gutz da ze!! Bold (normal)?

Otherwise, maybe 6000 in Ouendan's tutorial (lesson 6) or 9000 in EBA and Ouendan 2's tutorial (lesson 4).

I'm just going off the top of my head here.
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User Info: GodTurtle

9 years ago#3
Ach! Why didn't I think of the tutorial stages? I can practice much quicker this way! I'd say 6000 in Ouendan's tutorial is a bit low as I can pull that off pretty consistently. I think I'm going to practice until I can consistently get at least 10,000. I've done it once

Thanks for the suggestion. I owe you a beer... or a coke. :)

User Info: Skya

9 years ago#4
I'd suggest once you're confident to practice on Ready Steady Go/SSAY on Insane. You're forced to do perfect spinners in those songs.
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User Info: caboose_20_21

9 years ago#5

What I do is almost tilt my DS at an angle when the spinners come up and spin like that.

A little wider would do better, though, because if you get too close you might be spinning the same side and that does nothing.

Yeah, it saved me on the Insane spinners on RSG

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