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User Info: rainboxy

8 years ago#1
Hi, i've just got the game and I'm loving it! Except for sliding, when are you supposed to start to slide? When the shrinking circle hit your number or are you supposed to finish sliding when it hits the number?

User Info: Tails 64

Tails 64
8 years ago#2
You are supposed to tap the beat when the circle closes in on it. This will make a ball begin to slide. Keep your stylus on the ball as it rolls.

If you fail to tap the beat like you're supposed to, the game will make the ball roll on its own. However, staying on the ball at this point will only get you a 100 at most.

Here's a live video of the game on hard that someone made. It shows it well.

For a more detailed explanation, refer to this site.
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User Info: rainboxy

8 years ago#3 all makes sense now! Thank you very much! I was trying to get the ball as quickly to the other end, not realising I was supposed to follow its speed and pace. Great help, thanks!

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