Known Duelist Titles

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User Info: BluesSoul617

6 years ago#1
Known Duelist Titles (Top to bottom = Lowest to highest)

Dropout Boy Fail the exams.

Apprentice Duelist You start with this.

Average Duelist Win 10 duels.

Fiery Duelist Win 30 duels.

Calm Duelist Win 30 duels and complete 25 timed duels.

Superior Duelist Win 50 duels and complete 50 timed duels.

Honored Duelist Win 100 duels.

Elite Duelist Win 100 duels and complete ALL timed duels.

Prince of Games Have all 1200 cards and pass 40% of written exams.

King of Games Win 200 duels and beaten all 20 duelists 10 times and pass 60% of written exams.
Blues Soul 617

User Info: BluesSoul617

6 years ago#2
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Blues Soul 617

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