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User Info: DBF__

4 years ago#1
Had a Special Summons practical exam. Got 80 on the written exam, a 100 on the timed duel. Special summoned 1 Cyber Dragon, it got killed by a Man eater bug so I used premature burial to revive it. For a 3rd special summon I used Cyber Stein to bring in Gatling Dragon, and after killing itself I planned to use cannon soldiers to clear my side of the field and summon the last 2 cyber dragons I also had in my hand by this point.

Sounds like a plan right? Wrong.

The stupid test administrator had no monsters he could summon. And instead of drawing more monsters he kept drawing sword of deep seated, sending it to his graveyard and drawing it again. I ended up running out of patience and just killed him, hoping I'd have enough to pass and yet even with 270, I still failed.

Seriously **** this. I would've passed had he not been a dick and refused to draw or summon monsters so I could bring in Cyber Dragons.

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