Why is Poisson so popular

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User Info: kingekinge

5 years ago#1
I'm guessing because of the tanks.. but then no one plays Merville.

Eder Dam is my favourite multiplayer map of all time but no one plays it. When ever I try to play this game the only map people play on is Poisson. I hate the map not just for the tanks, but because it has some of the worst spawns in the series.

There is what me and my friend called the 'hell spawn' where you spawn behind the 2 story house across that small bridge. There is literally no cover over than 2 trees if you want to try leaving the area and move to a better place on the map. Also when locked in this 0 cover spawn, the enemy team gets ALL 4 tanks...

They also get the 'crackhouse' where they can head glitch in the windows or head glitch at the cemetery wall. They also have a 2 story near the bridge. It's like this map was never tested because once you're locked in that spawn, prepared to be killed by tanks and airstrikes and head glitchers and the only way out of the spawn is if the enemy team is dumb and rush too far into your spawn and force a spawn switch.

But then when forced out of that spawn it puts you in the other terrible spawn point the barn. The WHOLE team is spawned in the small barn even if the team has 10 plus players. And yet again there is very little cover to leave the barn, at least tanks are close but again it's hard to get to them with out getting killed.

Another thing that makes that map seem like it was barely tested is the horrible collision detection. The hit boxes on trees are outside of the tree so you get invisible walls beside the tree, but the tree itself can be walked through.

I would do anything to see Eder Dam on the CoD3 engine put on the marketplace as an arcade title or released on PC. I know it will never happen but it would be amazing to see.

Even if it did happen (it wouldn't) and they put Eder Dam in a map pack for a current CoD it just wouldn't feel the same without CoD3's unique engine and feel.

The game and board are dead but I thought I would reminisce anyway on my fav competitive FPS.

User Info: ferntfactor

5 years ago#2

loved COD 3 as well, but always found the MP laggy. i did, however, get a kick out of the map you hate. ;-) see you on the game sometime!

User Info: liplust121

5 years ago#3
people still play this game?

User Info: Mikeburger2012

5 years ago#4
I really hate Poisson for that spawn across the bridge. It's really awful, yet it's the only map that anyone ever plays anymore. I wish more people would play Rouen or Argenten.
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User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

5 years ago#5
Not sure why. It's usually this and Eder Dam. I enjoy Pipeline once in a while but not much games there.

User Info: CapwnD

5 years ago#6
Love Eder Dam.

From: liplust121 | #003
people still play this game?

Hell yeah.
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User Info: DOAsaturn

5 years ago#7
Frickin' loved this game but hated it when it became all Poisson, all the time. Not to lay the smack down on Eder Dam either, but, at least in the heyday, it was overused as well.

While both maps are fine, I just got sick of them. I loved Crossing (which nobody seemed to like), Argentan, Stalag 23, Verdun, Wildwood and Champs. Champs was especially fun - and a free download. I would pop in this game again, but it would be nice to give all the maps a spin one of these days.
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User Info: Hexrapper

5 years ago#8
Eder used to get played all the time. It was right up there with Poisson as being the most actively played maps. The two maps that are really underplayed are Verdun and Argentan EDIT excluding DLC maps

I would do anything to see Eder Dam on the CoD3 engine put on the marketplace as an arcade title or released on PC. I know it will never happen but it would be amazing to see.

I would do anything to have CoD3 released on PC. It'd have much more community there I think. Or at the very, very least, have CoD3 maps re-released for the current CoD. That wouldn't be ideal but it would still be amazing.

Also seriously people still play this? Because all playing MW3 has done is made me wanna come back to this lol, as has been the case with every CoD released since 3. I need to find my disc and bust this baby out again.

User Info: dr_zomberg

5 years ago#9
yes, people still play this.
and yes, i also hate poisson, with a passion.
once you spawn in the alamo, you already lost the game.

also, quick question, why doesnt this version have the veteran interview videos?
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User Info: jealousofme

5 years ago#10

So people still do play this online I take it? And is it possible to get the ranked achievements for this game if people are still playing it online for the 360? I'm planning on buying it today but if the online community is dead...Thanks for the help

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