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User Info: Schnitzel123

4 years ago#1
Hello MH2 community,

I just found out about the patches created by BURANGO and im wondering, which patch i should download. I want the experience of the game to stay as close as possible to the original, but i wouldn't mind to have access to the online part in single player too.

But on his webpage it says that the online quests replace offline quests. So are you supposed to beat the game offline and then patch the .iso to the next version?
(So patch from "MHDOS alternative" after beating the game to MHDOSA+, and so on?)

Thanks for answers.

User Info: kokotohero

4 years ago#2
It is advisable you beat all monster Offline and make decent gear first before try the +
you can use alternative patch first, the one that only Change the In game language
then after you get decent gear try the + version but climb from the bottom again, (ie try from velodrome ONline first so you didn't feel shocked)

and it also advisable for you to make two type of ISO
one that have alternative/english only one
and the other is the + just to make sure you can back forward between those

User Info: monceblank

4 years ago#3
yep, kokotohero is right
and i just wanna put an addition, you need to beat all offline monster (thus, unlocking all quest) on original game or alternative patch, because it's hard or maybe impossible to proceed/unlocking quest if you start a new game on alt+ or higher since the key quest required for proceeding probably has been replaced by new ones..

and, imo, the alt2+/3+ is the closest to the original with all online monsters unlocked.
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