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User Info: ChiveyX

2 weeks ago#1
Hey I thought it would be fun for any remaining Dos players to post their mix sets or what common mix sets are sense there isn't an Athena's Armor Search for PS2 versions.

User Info: Ephamera

1 week ago#2
Hmm I don't remember them all, can't check it either since I've sold my ps2. But one that I remember early game is.

Velociprey U
Velociprey U
Genprey U
Genprey U
Ioprey U

It gives you artisan and - def. You need to beat either Luna or Teo to get S U upgrade. As you progress the armor can be upraded, and funnily if you keep upgrading, it gives you more slot.
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User Info: ChiveyX

1 week ago#3
Great starting point. Would definitely like to see more sets.

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