Lightning's "Ultimate" Weapon

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User Info: MCJD4ever

7 years ago#1
I'm about to get her the Omega Weapon, but am torn between using the Lionheart/Ultima weapon or Organx/Apolocalypse. The Organyx/Apolocalypse seems to have better strength/magic stats (in the resulting Omega weapon) but everyone on the all the threads I've read is saying that Quick Stagger on the Omega from Lionheart/Ultima Weapon is better.

Can someone please explain this to me? Also, my Fang got her Kain's Lance already from the Taming Pole since everyone on here agreed on that, it was an easy choice for me.

User Info: blastydude

7 years ago#2
Whatever you do, DO NOT use the Organx. Its one of lightnings worst wepons because of its iron strike. THe lionheart is the best choice (IMO) because lightning is a great ravager who can stagger fast. Lionheart makes her stagger faster. Also, combined with fangs weapon, since fang can only raise the chain gauge, not stagger, the lionheart does that for her.
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User Info: cmillertime7

7 years ago#3
Neither of those weapons are very good. Lionheart features a nearly useless ability (Quick Stagger is inconsistent and saves you only a few seconds in exchange for ~200 strength; hardly worth it) and poor stats. Organyx is probably her very worst weapon.

Gladius: high strength, low magic
Hauteclaire: high strength and magic, stagger lock

The choice comes down to these two. Is stagger lock worth 500 magic? It's up to you; magic isn't useful for Lightning, so I say Gladius.

User Info: cmillertime7

7 years ago#4
I should mention, if you want Lightning to specialize as a Ravager, Axis Blade is better than Lionheart. The increased repetition of attacks will raise the chain gauged faster (though only slightly, it's at least consistent unlike Quick Stagger) and it has a higher DPS than Lionheart, despite its lower stats. Lionheart offers no advantage.

User Info: dablackbelt

7 years ago#5
I agree, go with Axis Blade. Organyx is easily her worst weapon.

Lionheart only staggers ~10% early, and that's nothing mid to late game, AND it doesn't even always activate. I used Lionheart and thoroughly regret it.
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User Info: MCJD4ever

7 years ago#6
Thanks guys - hmmm...after reading this, I've narrowed it down to either Axis Blade or Gladius. I've maxed her Ultima weapon (from Lionheart) so that's still an option as well.

I would like her to be as balanced as possible in between Commando/Ravager...

User Info: cmillertime7

7 years ago#7
Well, Axis Blade is still inferior to Gladius and Hauteclaire in my opinion, but if you want her to be a slightly better Ravager (while sacrificing damage-dealing potential as a Com), then AB is better than Lionheart.

User Info: cmillertime7

7 years ago#8
TC, if you want balance, Hauteclaire or Blazefire is the way to go. Use Blazefire if both your other two party members already have Stagger Lock.

Between the two you mentioned, Gladius provides the most balanced Com/Rav. In a triple Rav paradigm with Haste up, the difference in repetition of attacks is practically negligible. AB doesn't come close to staggering quicker enough to make up for the low strength.

If battles lasted a long time, AB would easily be her best weapon, but they don't. Raw stats are almost always more beneficial.

Either way, your weapons are rather unimportant. Any enemy can be beaten without upgrading, so pick whatever suits you.

User Info: zeoblade

7 years ago#9
all the weapons are useful because it depends on the enemy, paradigm, and accessories. there is no best weapon for any character.

ironstrike is useful because it contributes to vampiric strike so you're recovering significant HP with genji gloves.

even paper tiger is useful because of its high stats to beat small mobs quickly.

this game is about optimisation, hence the optima change, there is no best, only most suited for purpose. different weapon, different purpose

User Info: dkconklin

7 years ago#10
Not this topic again :(

Go with the Blazefire Saber. Stick it to the man!
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