Nomura's Team inspired H.R Giger

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User Info: zak234

9 years ago#1
FFXIII summon, beast look like H.R Giger. Shiva looks like a version from H.R Giger. I hope you know H.R Giger.

User Info: Shadow_Beforet

9 years ago#2
What the **** is H.R Giger?
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User Info: Vicious756

9 years ago#3
i hope you meant nomura's team WAS inspired by H.R. Giger. that, no they werent.

User Info: FuguNabe

9 years ago#4
H.R. Giger is the artist behind designs of the Xenomorph in Alien movie series. His artwork has been around for awhile. I doubt Nomura inspired Giger considering how long Giger's work has been around for hence I'm going to assume TC got wrote the topic title the wrong way around. That said it's possible some of the monsters and summon design from the last two FF has some inspiration from Giger's work. Nomura has some input into monster and summonable creature design but he's not wholely responsible for it I don't think. I remember somebodyelse being in charge of monster design correct me if I'm wrong.
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User Info: zak234

9 years ago#5
Yes, I mean that Nomura's team was inspired by H.R Giger. If you look the H.R Giger arts you can see different combination. Woman-species-metal-bike, this is a combination from H.R Giger. There are so many different things. In FFXIII is Shiva-metal-ice-species ( somewhat )-motorbike. If you don't know H.R Giger, then google it or go to google images. H.R Giger and Yoshitaka Amano are both long years great artists.

User Info: marshalbanana

9 years ago#6
Just a warning to anyone about to google H.R. Geiger's stuff: It's not for the feint of heart, to say the least.

I don't really see much similarity between the Shivacycle we've seen in the trailers and H.R. Geiger stuff. His art is much darker and more graphic. I don't think he really invented the whole bio-mechanical thing.

I would say a lot of the monster design is in that same vein but not necessarily inspired by H.R. Geiger.

User Info: marshalbanana

9 years ago#7
oops... I spelt 'is name wrongs


User Info: TheStrangenessS

9 years ago#8
h.r. giger's artwork is amazing but damn he draws some ****ed up **** hehe...
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