ff4 vs. ff6?

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User Info: poltergust3000

8 years ago#1
ff4 since it was my first ff game next to mystic quest(snes)
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User Info: xOmniCloudx

8 years ago#2
FFIV without a doubt. VI never did it for me. IV on the otherhand is my favorite FF game.
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User Info: TruePrime

8 years ago#3
I prefer FF IV, but I do like Terra more then I like Cecil.
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User Info: Thryhring

8 years ago#4
FFIV was my first also, but I prefer VI.
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User Info: darkestmerc

8 years ago#5
**** this... thats the 3rd FF6 vs FF- I have seen today.

Final Fantasy fails. 7 beats it, 8 beats it, 9 beats it, 10 beats it, 4 beats it. stop making these damn topics on this board.

User Info: SquareBrand

8 years ago#6
I cannot express the wonders FFV did for me when I played it. It made FFIV seem obsolete, and FFVI would seem dumbed down in comparison. That was when I realized I was into the best FF game.

I never laughed harder than the day Andrew Vestal reviewed Final Fantasy VII. It was the U.S. version in September 1997, he had never played an import to that point, yet he was praising FFVII as "the greatest game ever." I had played FFVII back in February '97 when it had just come out in Japan, and even I knew as great as it was at the time it was no match for FFV, CT or Seiken 3. He just made a huge ass of himself and I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway... between FFIV and FFVI, they're probably about as even as FFVI and FFIX. It's impossible to say one's better than the other. FFV was, however, better than both and there were other Square games out between FFV and FFIX that put any and every FF game to shame in comparison. Namely Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3 and Xenogears. So...

User Info: catastrophe8

8 years ago#7
Oo both good games, I thought VI was better since it didn't really have a main character, so they balanced out all the characters in the game.
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User Info: ManaYuka

8 years ago#8
IV no contest.
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User Info: donkeyjack

8 years ago#9
FF6 but just by a little bit.

User Info: moogle69

8 years ago#10
ffiv duhhh!!
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