Ultimania drop rates/mechanics

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User Info: Unknown_PC

7 years ago#1
2ch has a lot of info from Ultimania guide about drop rates and drop mechanics up.

Just a quick rundown:

- Trapehedrons from Long Guis are 5% base drop rate, only 1% for Adamantaimai/Adamantioise.

- Platinum Ingots are 25% base drop rates for both Long Gui and Adamantaimai

- Xiao Long Gui - 25% gold bar, 5% dark matter

- Good Chance increase drop rate by 1.5x

- Best Chance increase rare drop rate by 1.1x

- Easy, Good, Best Chance accessories' effects do not stack.

- The party leader must have the Chance accessory equipped if the summon makes the killing blow.

- Party members with Chance accessories must be alive at the end of the battle for the effects to work.

- Getting a 5-star ranking increases rare drop rate by 5x. No rare drops for 2-star and below.

There some more stuff on enemy party drops and rare drops from Titan Trials I may post later; or maybe someone could take a stab at it.

User Info: GabranthXIII

7 years ago#2

No wonder it takes ages to get those trapezohedrons.....

User Info: Unknown_PC

7 years ago#3
Apparently after each battle, rare item drops are calculated first. So if you get a rare item, it skips normal drops.

If you don't get a rare, the game then goes to normal drop calculation.

User Info: Unknown_PC

7 years ago#4
Haha oops, did I write "Chance" on those? I meant Choice, I always get them mixed up.

There are also Enemy Party drop rates, which are different from normal/rare drops and mostly include smokes. But certain Titan Trial bosses have rare weapons as Enemy Party drops

Surprisingly, lower battle ranking increases the chance for Enemy Party drops. No-star ranking = 8x Enemy Party drop rates.

User Info: Unknown_PC

7 years ago#5
Battle ranking rates:

5-stars - 5x rare drop rates, 8x TP recovery, 1x enemy party drop rates
4-stars - 3x rare drop, 3x TP recovery, 1x enemy party drop
3-stars - 1x rare drop, 1x TP recovery, 1x enemy party drop
2-stars - no rare drop, 1/2 TP recovery, 2x enemy party drop
1-star - no rare drop, 1/4 TP recovery, 4x enemy party drop
No stars - no rare, 1/8 TP, 8x enemy party drop

So yeah, if you're going for rare weapons from Titan Trial bosses, go for no star ranking to increase Enemy Party drop rates.

User Info: JL Lee

JL Lee
7 years ago#6
Best Chance...1.1x....=_="

Should have guessed when I never felt anything with it equipped >_<.
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User Info: geministar

7 years ago#7
i dont feel anything with good choice either ><
my best choice seems to be x800 chance .... 69 traps now --; with all weapons at level 3 waiting to be maxed. Still these bloody ingots arent dropping... 25% my arse..... they could have just pulled the numbers outa their....
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User Info: Nohopeless

7 years ago#8
does it talk about smoke drops?

User Info: MJEmirzian

7 years ago#9
Are there any other details on the rank/grade/difficulty system?

I thought getting 5 star ranks was supposed to make the enemies harder, but apparently all it affects is item drops?

User Info: mj0723

7 years ago#10
ROFL @ Geministar....

I have only 38 traps but over 140 ingots accumulated already, and I'm the one that wants more traps bcos i need to upgrade all the weapons in the game....maybe we should just trade our PS3 and see if the luck will change......lol
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